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Remember When they Argued that the Schoolgirl was in Love With Jeremy Forrest?

March 9, 2014



I said it from the beginning and it has turned out to be the case – the schoolgirl that ran off with her teacher to France was not in a healthy relationship. Not only did I maintain that a teacher who is involved in a sexual relationship with their student deserves prison time, but that those that defended it on the grounds that this was “true love” would soon see their theory unravel.

That’s why I am not surprised that the schoolgirl has a. found another partner and b. found another teacher:

The teenage schoolgirl who was abducted to France by her teacher has begun a relationship with another teacher, it has emerged.

The girl sparked an international search in 2012 when, aged 15, she fled to France with Jeremy Forrest, a maths teacher at Bishop Bell school in East Sussex.

Forrest, 31, was jailed for five-and-a-half years for child abduction and five charges of sexual activity with a child at Lewes Crown Court in June.

The teenager, who is now 16 and cannot be named for legal reasons, is now “ridiculously happy” in a relationship with a 20-year old teaching assistant, the Sun on Sunday reported.

Her mother told the newspaper: “He is really nice and we have welcomed him into the family and I am very happy for my daughter. We would now appreciate that they are left alone.”

The man is reportedly a PE assistant who lives in a different town and has no connection with the girl’s school, so there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing. The man also works part-time in security. The girl posted a photograph on the internet of the two together and has exchanged publicly-visible messages with him.

The girl had previously told newspapers she wanted to marry Forrest when he was released from prison. However, she was banned from visiting him in jail because of his child sex conviction.

She also claimed she had instigated the relationship with the maths teacher and that it had been her suggestion to run away together to Bordeaux after their relationship was uncovered.



Jeremy Forrest Dumped by Schoolgirl: Anyone Surprised?

October 27, 2013



This is the ultimate morality tale for any teacher stupid enough to go down the unprofessional and highly unethical path of starting a relationship with a student:


The schoolgirl who ran away with married teacher Jeremy Forrest last year when she was just 15-years-old has dumped him for a boyfriend her own age, it has been reported.

The girl, now 16, sparked an international hunt last year when she fled to France with 31-year-old Jeremy Forrest.

Forrest was arrested by French police when he turned up for a job at a bar owned by a British woman who had recognised him from television appeals and was jailed for five-and-a-half years.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had vowed to wait for him ‘for ever’ for him and also said she wanted to have his baby.

She had been in regular contact with his parents and had reportedly made several attempts to contact him in prison.

But Social workers stepped in and banned him from having any contact with him until she is at least 18.

According to a report in the Sunday Mirror, the girl now has a new boyfriend who is a sixth-form student her own age.

She reportedly phoned Forrest’s parents in tears to explain and his father Jim broke the news to his son in prison yesterday.

A family source told the Sunday Mirror: ‘Jeremy is naturally devastated. He’s really upset, but at the same time he’s a realist.

‘He half expected this to happen while he was in prison, I think.’

She is now said to be back living with her mother.

The pair had fallen out over her relationship with Forrest but they have now made peace.

The schoolgirl first kissed Forrest in his classroom when she was 14. He took her virginity one week after her 15th birthday in the marital home while his wife was away.

They fled to Bordeaux when their affair was uncovered by her mother after someone reported seeing text messages on her phone.

Police had failed to find the messages when they examined the phone the day before the girl and Jeremy fled.

She claimed that the pair were only caught because she had been jealous of a ‘flirty barmaid’ who lured him to an interview with offers of work.

In front of his weeping teenage girlfriend, Forrest was arrested and returned to the UK to stand trial.

At Forrest’s trial, the court heard that the schoolgirl turned to her teacher during a tumultuous period in her life. She was upset over the break-up of her parents’ marriage. Both had gone on to meet new partners.

Her mother was pregnant with a new baby by her fiance, and her father had fallen in love and was busy planning a wedding.

Jeremy Forrest was all ears, but crucially failed to stop her growing infatuation in its tracks.

He posted tortured blogs about the moral dilemma he was facing, exchanged explicit photos with the girl via mobile phone and told bare-faced lies when warned over his behaviour by suspicious colleagues.

He even had the cheek to complain to the girl’s mother about the rumours threatening his reputation.

The former maths teacher is currently incarcerated in Ashfield Prison, near Bristol, one of five controversial new jails designed to house only sex offenders.

Built to cope with the dramatic increase in the number of people being convicted of sexual abuse, they have faced a barrage of criticism, with many people fearing that keeping abusers together could reinforce their behaviour.

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Was it Love or Just a Conquest for Jeremy Forrest?

June 22, 2013

Chloe Queen: Forrest asked her to stay for extra lessons

Many are astounded at the severity of the sentence handed down to Mr. Forrest, the maths teacher convicted of child abduction. They claimed that the girl willfully traveled with him to France and voluntarily allowed herself to become sexually involved with him.

Putting aside the fact that teachers should never be allowed to enter into such relationships with school children and ignoring the fact that she was underage at the time, I ask, was this relationship really about love for Mr. Forrest, or was it about the recruit that succumbed to his advances?

Recent evidence suggests that had she not entered into a relationship with him, his focus may well have shifted to other schoolgirls:

A teenager told last night how shamed maths teacher Jeremy Forrest targeted her when she was just 13.

Chloe Queen said he sent her Christmas and birthday cards, asked her to watch him perform with his band and made her stay after class for extra lessons.

‘I thought he wanted to teach me more, not realising he possibly had other ideas,’ she said. ‘He would invade my personal space and make me feel uncomfortable. He would routinely cuddle me.’

Chloe, now 17, is one of a string of girls Forrest, 30, tried to groom before he ran away to France with a 15-year-old last September.

He was jailed for five and a half years yesterday at Lewes Crown Court and admitted five further counts of sex  with a child after already having been convicted of child abduction on Thursday.

With time spent on remand he could be free in two years, at around the time the schoolgirl, who has vowed to wait for him, turns 18.

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Jeremy Forrest Found Guilty!

June 20, 2013


News just in: The jury unanimously found Mr. Forrest guilt of abducting an underaged student and taking her to France:

TEACHER Jeremy Forrest has been found guilty of abducting a 15-year-old pupil, who he took to France when their sexual relationship was about to be revealed.

The 30-year-old was today convicted by a jury at Lewes Crown Court, following an eight-day trial.

A court heard the prosecution label Forrest a “paedophile”, who had “groomed” the vulnerable teenager.

Jurors heard how the schoolgirl had just turned 15 when she started a sexual relationship with Forrest.

The teen had developed a crush on him at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Fearing they were about to be exposed, Forrest booked them on a cross-Channel Ferry from Dover to Calais on September 20 last year.

They then spent seven days on the run in France.


Update: Both schoolgirl and Mr. Forrest mouth “I love you” post verdict:

Runaway teacher Jeremy Forrest and his teenage pupil mouthed ‘I love you’ to each other as he was found guilty of child abduction today.

The schoolgirl, now 16, broke down in tears as Forrest, 30, was convicted by a jury at Lewes Crown Court after less than two hours of deliberating.

The maths teacher and his 15-year-old pupil fled to France after their relationship was about to be exposed in September last year.

Forrest booked a cross-Channel ferry from Dover to Calais with the schoolgirl, from Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne, East Sussex, before spending seven days on the run.

Scots-born Forrest, of Chislehurst Road, Petts Wood, Kent, was convicted by the jury following an eight-day trial at Lewes Crown Court.

He was labelled a “paedophile” by the prosecution, who said he “groomed” the vulnerable teenager and his actions were a gross breach of trust.

Sitting 8ft behind Forrest in the public gallery as the jury filtered into court, Forrest turned to the teenager and mouthed “I love you”.

As the foreman of the jury announced the verdict, the girl put her head in her hands and burst out crying.

He remained stony-faced as the verdict was given, while the schoolgirl mouthed “I love you”.

Forrest then turned and said “I’m ok”, to which she replied “I’m so sorry”.

You Don’t Warn Teachers Not to Have Sex With Their Students

June 15, 2013



Can someone explain to me how a school invested with the responsibility of looking after the welfare of its students chose to warn a teacher 6 times not to be romantically involved with his student? Surely he should have been suspended straight away. Warnings are for late submissions of lesson planners or making a thoughtless comment in the classroom, not for having sex with your student!

Teacher Jeremy Forrest said a 15-year-old schoolgirl was lying about a sexual relationship when he spoke to his bosses, a court heard today.

The married teacher was challenged by assistant head Alicja Bobela, after pupils had raised suspicions with her, the jury heard.

Miss Bobela, responsible for child protection, said two schoolboys claimed the schoolgirl had told pals Forrest, 30, had been picking her up from work experience at another school.

Forrest was warned on six occasions about his relationship with the girl before being challenged by Miss Bobela Bishop at Bell CoE school, Eastbourne, East Sussex, on July 12 last year.

And he had twice been told to keep his distance and was banned from messaging her privately on Twitter, Lewes crown court heard.

Ms Bebola said: “He came to find me and he talked to me.

“He said that he did not know where this was coming from, ‘why was she telling people these lies,’ and what could he do, ‘why is she doing this to me?

“He meant the schoolgirl telling friends about what he was doing.”


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Is Anybody Still Defending Jeremy Forrest?

June 12, 2013

On trial: The girl was 14 at the time of the alleged kiss with 30-year-old Jeremy Forrest (pictured today outside Lewes Crown Court in East Sussex)


I received a great deal of backlash for criticizing the motives and actions of Jeremy Forrest. In part the criticisms were founded, as he deserves to have a fair trial and the opportunity to defend himself. What may not have been founded were those that argued they were in love and that she was of legal age. The first argument is irrelevant and the second seems false as the latest revelations reveal that she may have been only 14 when Mr. Forrest first kissed her:

A schoolgirl who was allegedly abducted and taken to France by her teacher when police found out about their relationship has told how they first kissed in a classroom.

The girl was 14 at the time of the clinch with married 30-year-old Jeremy Forrest, which took place after they had been tweeting and texting regularly, a court heard.

In the days leading up to the kiss, the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she attended Bishop Bell Church of England School in Eastbourne, East Sussex, early specifically to see him.

In a videoed police interview played at Lewes Crown Court in East Sussex today, the girl, now 16, said: ‘I do remember being in his room and it was just me and him. He said “I really want to kiss you” and I said “I really want to”.

‘It got to the point where there was only so much of a friendship you could have before it developed into something else.’ She went on: ‘It ended up being in his classroom.’

As the relationship turned sexual two months later after she had turned 15, the girl said Forrest knew what the consequences would be for him – and that he could face prison.

She said in the interview, dated October 3 last year: ‘He told me that he didn’t want to take advantage of me, and I just didn’t have a problem with it any way.

‘It was what I wanted to do because of how much I liked him. I didn’t give it a second thought. Obviously I was worried about it and I spoke to my friends about it.’

She added: ‘He knew he would go to prison, lose his job and not work with children again, so he was aware and that made me feel better.

‘There was no naivety about it and it was what I wanted, and I probably encouraged it. We would bring it up and I would say ‘Yeah, I really want to’.’

The court has heard that police were alerted to their relationship following a tip-off.


Now that Jeremy Forrest is Arrested …

September 29, 2012

A number of readers have disagreed with, my stance on the Jeremy Forrest/Megan Stammers relationship. They believe that a 15-year old girl should be able to decide who she wants to form a relationship with and be able to act on those impulses in any way she chooses. Likewise, they believe that while it is not ideal for a teacher to be having a relationship with a student, he should be treated leniently, because one should not be punished for falling in love.

I disagree slightly with the first contention and vehemently with the second.

Lawmakers have to use generalisations when considering laws. Megan Stammers may be the most mature 15-year old on the planet, but the average 15-year old relies greatly on a parent/parents to fund their lifestyle, organise their daily events, counsel them during vulnerable times and help make important decisions in their life. As much as the public seems to enjoy a ‘love conquers all story’, a child of 15 is more likely than not going to be safer and better looked after by parents than a married math teacher double her age.

As for Jeremy Forrest, I feel that this is the time to let the public see loudly and clearly that teachers under no circumstances should be allowed to get involved with a student. The first thing a teacher who has designs on a student should do is resign immediately. The second thing he should do is to wait until that child is of legal age. There is a significant level of trust given to a teacher of children. This trust is slowly being eroded thanks to the daily news cycle of teachers who act without professionalism and integrity.

It is the task of the courts to determine whether or not Jeremy Forrest acted properly. If, as it seems, he didn’t, I hope the judge acts ruthlessly. It is time for our teachers to witness what happens when a fellow teacher abuses the trust that is handed to him in good faith.

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School Allegedly Turned a Blind Eye to Peter Forrest’s Relationship with Schoolgirl

September 26, 2012

Let me start off by saying how surprised I am with the sympathy Peter Forrest is getting from readers. Not only did he cheat on his wife Emily, but he broke the number one commandment of teaching by behaving inappropriately with a student.  I am stunned that there are people who consider a relationship between a teacher and a student is healthy. I am equally stunned that they have no issue with the fact she is only 15. Would it be alright if she was 13, 10 or 5?

Now lets turn our attention to a school that seemingly refused to act when they had the chance. Bishop Bell C of E School allegedly allowed Peter Forrest to work for seven months after his relationship was brought to their attention. How can a school in today’s age be so inept?

The police were told as Bishop Bell C of E school in Eastbourne, the school Forrest taught at and Megan attended, also investigated their relationship.

Huge questions have been raised about how they dealt with the warnings after the Mail revealed they were warned seven months ago that something inappropriate was going on between the pair.

Students had seen them holding hands on a school trip to Los Angeles.

Headteacher Terry Boatwright has revealed that the school, the council, Megan’s parents and Sussex Police were working together when they went missing.

‘The school, in conjunction with the local authority, Megan’s parents, and the police had been addressing and investigating those concerns, in line with procedure, when this happened,’ he said.

The authorities involved are remaining silent on what exactly they were doing about the relationship.

The school, county council and police will not give details about their investigations, so it is not clear what action they were taking against Forrest or what Megan’s parents were told before they went on the run.

It has also been revealed that a child protection expert wrote to Education Secretary Michael Gove expressing concerns about the school’s protection policy.

Lucy Duckworth said they were ‘extremely hostile’ when she began asking questions about the issue but the school maintains it had a ‘robust’ safeguarding policy in place.

‘The policy does not commit to informing parents or the local authority of any suspected or known abuse. If there was a robust policy in place, the parents would be informed,’ she said.

‘What we found was there was a whole section on safe recruiting but very little on how to effectively protect children. I’m convinced that, had that policy been in place, the parents would have been able to make a decision on their prolonged contact and Megan would be with us.’

With a reaction as astoundingly pathetic as that, should we be surprised that this has happened before?

Parents at Megan Stammers’ school demanded an inquiry into its child protection procedures last night as more under-age sex scandals emerged at the Church of England comprehensive.

Incredibly, another teacher at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne was jailed three years ago for preying on teenage girls after grooming them on a social networking site.

In addition, a former chairman of governors at the same school is due to stand trial on alleged child sex offences next month. Some parents said their children were too scared to attend class after it was revealed how staff failed to remove married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest despite warnings that he was having a relationship with Megan seven months ago.

Robert Healy, a supply teacher at the school, was jailed in 2009 for sleeping with two girls aged 15 and 16 after grooming them on a social networking site. In a striking similarity to the Megan Stammers case, other pupils knew what was going on before he was caught.

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Make an Example out of Jeremy Forrest

September 25, 2012

Catch him, and if he is found guilty, throw the book at him. His jail sentence should be long enough to serve as a deterrent for the entire teaching community:

Police hunting for runaway teenager Megan Stammers have released an image of her boarding a ferry to Calais in a car driven by her married maths teacher.

The 15-year-old schoolgirl, who has not been seen since last week, was caught on camera in the passenger seat of a dark Ford Fiesta, as she caught a ferry to the Continent with Mr Forrest, 30, from Dover last Thursday.

This afternoon, as Megan’s anxious mother and step-father made an emotional appeal for her safe return, it emerged that the schoolgirl had been receiving after-school tuition from Mr Forrest prior to her disappearance.

She is said to have arrived in France with Forrest after it was disclosed she had sent a message to a friend, but police conducting a cross-Channel search fear the pair could have travelled further into Europe.

Estranged Danielle Wilson and Martin Stammers tearfully told a press conference of their shock that Megan fled the country in secret with Forrest – who had said online their forbidden love had ‘hit me like heroin’.

Detectives have admitted they do not know the pair’s current location, but today released the image of the teacher and pupil boarding a ferry last week.

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The Court System Should Deal Severely with Teachers Like This

September 24, 2012

I want the courts to be ruthless on teachers that misuse their position and have relationships with their students. How dare they take a position of trust and use it to lure impressionable children!

The devastated family of a schoolgirl who ran away to France with her married teacher yesterday pleaded with her to ‘come home safe’.

Megan Stammers, 15, boarded a Channel ferry with maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, 30, after he spent months grooming her on Twitter to escape on an ‘adventure’ with him.

As British and French police launched a hunt for the pair, Megan’s father  Martin Stammers last night told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s been hell. We have no idea where she is.

‘The whole family has been rallying together and we’ve been working closely with the police. We just want her home safe.’

Mr Stammers, who teaches at the sister school of Forrest’s, pleaded on his Facebook page: ‘Come home safe my beautiful daughter xx.’

His plea came as neighbours of Forrest claimed he was prone to aggressive outbursts during domestic disputes with his wife.

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