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In My Opionion Pedophiles are the Same as Murderers

March 13, 2014


Whilst it was a relief to see the evil killer of poor young Daniel Morcombe receive his guilty verdict, it came with a most horrifying revelation.

Only after a trial verdict is delivered can the criminal record of the accused be released to the public. It turns out that Daniel’s killer, Brett Peter Cowan, has a past:

Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Peter Cowan was finally found guilty when the longest-running police investigation in Queensland’s history came to a dramatic end on Thursday.

Fairfax Media can now reveal Daniel was not Cowan’s first victim.

Ten years before taking Daniel from a Sunshine Coast bus stop, Cowan lured a six-year-old boy into the bush in the Northern Territory.

Cowan viciously raped the little boy on a rusted car wreck, leaving him with severe head injuries, a collapsed and punctured lung, a deep cut at the base of his scrotum, a bloodied nose and scratch marks over his torso.

The boy was found wandering naked, dazed and distressed near a petrol station on the Stuart Highway and taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital where he was placed in intensive care.

Cowan, then aged 24, initially denied having any involvement in the attack, but confessed when questioned a second time by police.

He told police he needed help and requested to be imprisoned in the Moreton Correctional Centre in Queensland, where he could participate in a sexual offenders treatment program.

Cowan was already a repeat offender by this stage. In September 1989, Cowan took a seven-year-old boy into a public toilet in Brisbane, where he digitally and orally raped the child.

Cowan was sentenced to seven years’ jail for his assault on the boy in the Northern Territory, but his non-parole period was set at no more than three years and a half years.

How can they let a man who has raped and nearly killed a child out of prison within 4 years? Why is there such a gulf between the sentences of child sex offenders and murderers? To me they are highly comparable.
In my opinion a child sex offender should receive a similar sentence to a murderer, and should they ever re-offend upon release, they should never see light of day again.

Where is the Deterrent For Teachers Who Have Sex With Their Students?

January 17, 2014


Children at school

One of the problems with the unacceptable trend of teachers having sexual relations with their students is that the penalties are often lenient.  Suspending the teacher is not good enough and this is evidenced by the rise in incidents. Teachers who have engaged in a relationship with their students must spend time behind bars:

Almost 1,000 teachers have been accused of having a relationship with a pupil in the past five years, according to figures from state schools. Of these, just over one in four faced police charges.

The figures, obtained by BBC Newsbeat through a freedom of information request, show that between 2008 and 2013, at least 959 teachers and other school staff were accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a pupil.

At least 254 of these cases (26%) led to a police charge, the findings show, although Newsbeat said it was not clear from the responses how many of these cases led to a prosecution, conviction or the teacher being dismissed.

The data is based on responses from 137 councils who were asked how many school staff had been suspended, dismissed or faced disciplinary action after being accused of some form of sexual relationship with a pupil. The statistics apply to state schools under local council control.

Donald Findlater, a child abuse expert with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation told Newsbeat: “If a child develops the courage to say something, we have to take it seriously.

“That does not mean we have to assume it is absolutely true, but we have to take it seriously and investigate it.”

He said he agreed that a false claim could ruin a teacher’s career, but added that research conducted for the government had shown that just 2% of allegations against teachers were malicious.

Teaching unions said teachers who abused their position should face the full consequences, but they had concerns about the impact of false claims.

Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, told the BBC: “There can be misunderstandings and malicious allegations are made, so it is critical that investigations are carried out quickly with due process.”


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A World Where Sex Offenders Have “Human Rights” and their Victims Have None

December 23, 2013


Striking a sex pedophile from a sex offender list is tantamount to reversing the crime. Tell that the victim who is almost certain to be scarred for life. There is no human right applicable to a person who raped another human being.

Reading this article makes me so angry. It’s political correctness gone mad. In pandering to the perpetrator we do worse than validate his crime, we become part of it:

More than 100 of the country’s most dangerous sex attackers – including paedophiles and violent rapists – have had their names secretly removed from the Sex Offenders’ Register, it has been revealed.

The criminals have used a human rights ruling to remove themselves from the list, arguing that they no longer pose a threat to the public.

The 108 convicts who have successfully used the argument, include one offender convicted of rape of a female under 13, another of burglary with intent to rape and one sentenced for buggery.

One police force removed a criminal convicted on seven counts of indecent assault on a boy under 16 from the register.

The figures were obtained under the Freedom of Information act, and asked for details of the number of convicted sex offenders who had their names removed from the register since the law was passed in September last year.

Nearly half of those who applied were successful, at rate of nearly four a week.

Those whose names have been removed from the list were once placed on it for life, but now no longer now no longer need to tell the police where they are living, or if they move near a school or young family.

Why Isn’t There Tougher Penalties for Teachers who Abuse their Students?

November 27, 2013



Every day whilst looking for topical news stories in education I am forced to sift through the myriad of articles relating to teachers who have sexually groomed and assaulted their students. To say this is a heinous crime is a gross understatement.

But how are we as a society supposed to adequately safeguard our precious children when many of these convicted criminals are spared any jail time at all!

Take this case for example:

A St. Charles County teacher accused of molesting students four different times will not spend time in prison.

Joseph Maddock, 34, is out on the streets, free to walk, but he is now a registered sex offender, has lost his teaching license and will be monitored for the next five years. Also, the victim’s mother is okay with all of this.

Prosecutors say Joseph Maddock has a pattern of “grooming” young boys that he teaches, not fully sexually abusing them, but getting too close to them and touching them.

Maddock has taught in 11 different schools mostly in the St. Louis area, but most recently at Andrews Academy and Dynamic Pathways both of Lake St. Louis.

Prosecutors say the “grooming” has happened four times, once in Florida, twice in the St. Louis area, but most recently in St. Charles County, where he has been charged and convicted of the sexual act. On Monday, he was sentenced to five years probation and no jail time.

“He needs to be in jail because children are very susceptible to grown ups and what they think is right and wrong and this was definitely wrong,” said Brian Voss, a St. Charles resident.

“I hate to say it, but it sounds fair to me because nothing really happened,” said Patti Bussgude, another resident.

St. Charles County assistant prosecutor Jillian Anderson says they had to make a decision.

“Perhaps we do not file it at all because we don’t have the full commission of sexual abuse or perhaps we decide that the community is best served by intervening early and doing something,” said Anderson.

She says no, this sentence is not as severe as it would be if the assault had been worse. If Maddock had fully sexually assaulted the child, jail time would have most likely been given. For this prosecuting attorney’s office, doing nothing is not an option.

“We certainly don’t want to be in a position and are not going to be in a position in our office where we wait, we sit back and we don’t file charges until this defendant or any other defendant actually fully commits the crime of sexual abuse,” said Anderson.


Monitored for the next five years? Come on! After four separate offenses? He should be monitored to his dying breath!


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My Teacher, the Pedophile

July 24, 2013


Today, 25 years after my pedophile teacher abused my friends, he has finally been sentenced for his heinous crimes.

I was only 10 when I was first subjected to a teacher that would later be exposed as an evil pedophile. He taught me for 2 years, and I am relieved to say that I cannot recall being personally abused by him.

But my friends have been devastated by this man. One such victim, who has a daughter in my daughter’s class, has received ongoing therapy for assaults at the hand of this awful excuse of a human being.

Whilst I wasn’t old enough to know what a pedophile was and although I never liked the guy, I wasn’t aware he was abusing my friends until he fled the country in controversial circumstances. I do remember vividly him organising a party as a treat for us, purportedly due to our good behaviour. He arranged for the use of a classmates pool whilst the classmate’s parents were at work. We were so excited. Excursions tended to be of a boring, strictly educational nature. The thought of spending the morning swimming was so new and exciting for all of us.

I remember him getting in the pool with us and playing around in a jovial and almost immature fashion (very different from the type of teacher he was in the classroom). I also remember him instructing us to freely undress together and that we should embrace our naked bodies as it is natural.  To demonstrate he stripped off in front of us in a casual and carefree manner. For some reason I have never felt comfortable displaying my naked body in public and I was a bit bothered by my teacher’s open display of nudity. I remember thinking it was weird for a teacher to be acting in this way. I was one of two children who decided not to undress in front of him and opted for a private spot instead.

When his secret was exposed and he fled the country, I remember my parents reaction. They sat me down in the lounge room with concerned expressions on their faces. They asked me if this teacher had touched me in a certain way or acted towards me in an inappropriate or threatening manner. I answered then, as I do now, that I cannot recall any such treatment. Unfortunately, some of my friends were not so lucky.

The truth is, that we were raised to have total reverence for our teachers and see them as perfect. I fear that I would have let my teacher do as he wanted with me had he tried. I did not know what a pedophile was and in those days parents didn’t discuss personal space and molestation avoidance with their children.

Today my teacher received a minimum sentence of 18 months and, after time already served in custody, he is eligible for parole in just three months! Try breaking that news to his victims who have waited for justice all these years.

The threat of such instances has made it difficult to be a male primary teacher. The constant stories of male teachers who have abused their responsibilities and offended against their students is a reminder to parents to stay alert. It means that we have to be more careful than our female colleagues when it comes to interactions and must avoid being alone in the classroom with a student.

But this is a necessary safeguard. Just think of the poor victims.

Teachers, Get Your Hands Off Your Students

March 22, 2013


I am sick and tired of reading daily news stories of teachers having affairs or raping their students. Many will find those 2 scenarios worlds apart (especially if the student is over 16), but to me they are both a form of abuse and are completely abhorrent.

Teachers have been bestowed with great trust by parents. It is beyond unacceptable for teachers to exploit this trust in any way.

When I was a student my classroom teacher and the school security guard where pedophiles. It was not known at the time, but many years later both were arrested for their crimes. These crimes involved the molestation of my friends.

As a treat for good behaviour, our teacher once organised a swim party where he got in the water with us and encouraged us not to be shy about dressing and undressing together.

As much as I don’t enjoy the mistrust of being a male primary teacher and the extra precautions I have to take in order to avoid any doubt of impropriety, I understand and accept it. If the stigma helps weed out any potential pedophiles or unprofessioanl teachers, it’s more than worth it.

The punishment for a teacher found to be having consensual or non-consensual relations with their students should be much more severe than for other members of the community.

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What’s Worse: Missing School or Sending Your Parent to Jail?

March 7, 2013


Whilst it is indefensible to allow your child to become truant from school, it should not be prison worthy. Take away some subsidies or deduct some welfare payment but don’t imprison them.  Why? Because when determining what’s best for the child, having your parent going to jail can not be considered a beneficial result.

Even worse would be to get the child to decide what parent to send to jail. How is it emotionally destructive for a child to miss school but it is acceptable to make that same child choose which parent to send away?

An Irish teenage boy was ordered to make the heart-breaking decision to send either his mother or his father to jail for failing to ensure he attended school.

Judge Alan Mitchell told the youth he must choose who will be jailed for 21 days and who will receive a suspended sentence during a case brought against the boy’s parents at Galway District Court.

The 15-year-old from Galway is a repeat truant and continued bunking off even after he was made aware of the possible legal consequences for his parents.

Judge Mitchell said: ‘He can consider which of his parents he wants to go to prison for 21 days and which gets the suspended sentence.’

He added that if needs be the teenager should attend Galway District Court today to make the decision, reports the Irish Independent.

Any bet that teenager’s life just went from bad to worse.


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Children Protected From Experiencing Anything Remotely Fun

January 17, 2013


Reflecting on my childhood (which wasn’t THAT long ago), I remember playing sporting games on our street with the neighbours, climbing trees, building Lego villages and riding bikes.

I was stunned when I first heard a class of grown kids that confessed to not being able to ride a bike. Sure, they are experts at driving a computerised racing car or skateboard on their game consoles. But an actual bike? Not a chance!

Why then, should I be surprised that many can’t jump or throw a ball correctly either:

Thousands of children are starting secondary school unable to run, jump, throw a ball or catch, the head of UK Sport has said.

Susan Campbell has claimed ‘physically illiterate’ children ‘hardly move’ by the time they are ready to make the transition from primary school.

And she said the legacy of the Olympics in the summer could be lost if teachers in primary schools did not receive specialist PE training.

She warned some 11-year-olds aren’t able to take part in the most basic of sports by the time they go to secondary school.

Baroness Campbell, chairwoman of UK Sport and the Youth Sport Trust, said sport should be taken as seriously as literacy and numeracy in primary schools.

And she has called for primary school teachers to receive extra training in PE.

Parents, not without good reason, are reluctant to give their children the opportunity of playing on the streets because of the many potential risks that exist. Whether these risks are as prevalent as we have been raised to believe is questionable. Whether these risks should be weighed up with the many benefits of having our children experience the joys of bike riding and outdoor sports is worth discussing.

A Frightening Look at the Effects of Drugs (Pics)

January 13, 2013

Impressionable teens would benefit from studying these photos closely.

blondeThis pretty blonde’s face is transformed in just a year and a half

desperateThis user appears desperate and scared in the second mug shot, taken 2.5 years after the one of the left

tragicThis woman turns from fresh faced and attractive to gaunt and haggard thanks to drugs

fastIt takes this drug user just four months for his face to show the signs of addiction

skinnyThis man looks gaunt and sick after four years of taking hard drugs

sadA healthy-looking young woman looks decidedly worse in just eight months

scabsIn just six months, this woman develops large scabs on her face and looks like she is about to cry

no chanceThis man appears together in the left image but years of drugs have taken their toll on his face, right

shameThis woman looks happy and healthy in her first image but two and a half years on she looks decades older

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The Court System Should Deal Severely with Teachers Like This

September 24, 2012

I want the courts to be ruthless on teachers that misuse their position and have relationships with their students. How dare they take a position of trust and use it to lure impressionable children!

The devastated family of a schoolgirl who ran away to France with her married teacher yesterday pleaded with her to ‘come home safe’.

Megan Stammers, 15, boarded a Channel ferry with maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, 30, after he spent months grooming her on Twitter to escape on an ‘adventure’ with him.

As British and French police launched a hunt for the pair, Megan’s father  Martin Stammers last night told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s been hell. We have no idea where she is.

‘The whole family has been rallying together and we’ve been working closely with the police. We just want her home safe.’

Mr Stammers, who teaches at the sister school of Forrest’s, pleaded on his Facebook page: ‘Come home safe my beautiful daughter xx.’

His plea came as neighbours of Forrest claimed he was prone to aggressive outbursts during domestic disputes with his wife.

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