Remember When they Argued that the Schoolgirl was in Love With Jeremy Forrest?



I said it from the beginning and it has turned out to be the case – the schoolgirl that ran off with her teacher to France was not in a healthy relationship. Not only did I maintain that a teacher who is involved in a sexual relationship with their student deserves prison time, but that those that defended it on the grounds that this was “true love” would soon see their theory unravel.

That’s why I am not surprised that the schoolgirl has a. found another partner and b. found another teacher:

The teenage schoolgirl who was abducted to France by her teacher has begun a relationship with another teacher, it has emerged.

The girl sparked an international search in 2012 when, aged 15, she fled to France with Jeremy Forrest, a maths teacher at Bishop Bell school in East Sussex.

Forrest, 31, was jailed for five-and-a-half years for child abduction and five charges of sexual activity with a child at Lewes Crown Court in June.

The teenager, who is now 16 and cannot be named for legal reasons, is now “ridiculously happy” in a relationship with a 20-year old teaching assistant, the Sun on Sunday reported.

Her mother told the newspaper: “He is really nice and we have welcomed him into the family and I am very happy for my daughter. We would now appreciate that they are left alone.”

The man is reportedly a PE assistant who lives in a different town and has no connection with the girl’s school, so there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing. The man also works part-time in security. The girl posted a photograph on the internet of the two together and has exchanged publicly-visible messages with him.

The girl had previously told newspapers she wanted to marry Forrest when he was released from prison. However, she was banned from visiting him in jail because of his child sex conviction.

She also claimed she had instigated the relationship with the maths teacher and that it had been her suggestion to run away together to Bordeaux after their relationship was uncovered.



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2 Responses to “Remember When they Argued that the Schoolgirl was in Love With Jeremy Forrest?”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Wow, so everyone who has ever broken up with someone and started a new relationship was being abused were they? Even most marriages don’t survive a prison sentence. How many couples would stay together if they hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in over a year?

    I dread to think what kind of pressure you put on your boyfriend or girlfriend. “Baby, you’re definitely the one, it’s you and me forever, and if you ever dare to leave me it shows our relationship was not healthy”. Yikes!

    • Michael G. Says:

      Fair point Caroline. My argument is simply that “love” should not make it lawful to engage in sexual activity with a student. People argued that this relationship was an exception because it was a more intense and enduring love to many other cases of a teenage crush. I didn’t feel it sounded any different to those cases.

      As for your personal remarks,when I committed to my wife, I indeed did so with an expectation that we would try to work through all problems and endevour to make each and every challenging scenario an opportunity to grow and make our connections stronger. I am not cheapening challenges which test a relationship, but I do recommend that committed relationships contain 2 willing, flexible, selfless and determined participants.

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