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Would You Want Jeremy Forrest Teaching Your Child?

May 25, 2015


TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED 07932745508: Married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, of Ringmer near Lewes, who has run away to France with pupil Megan Stammers, 15, of Eastbourne, East Sussex.


Some championed the incarcerated Forrest as a victim of consensual love between a teacher and his teenage student. I ask those supporters, now that his intention to continue teaching abroad has come to light, would you want him teaching your child?:


Paedophile Jeremy Forrest is planning to move to Thailand where he hopes to take back up work as a teacher, it has been claimed.

The 32-year-old was jailed in 2013 after running away to France with a 15-year-old schoolgirl, sparking an international manhunt.

After serving two years of his five-and-a-half year sentence, the paedophile from Lewes, Sussex, could be released later this summer.

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Now that Jeremy Forrest is Arrested …

September 29, 2012

A number of readers have disagreed with, my stance on the Jeremy Forrest/Megan Stammers relationship. They believe that a 15-year old girl should be able to decide who she wants to form a relationship with and be able to act on those impulses in any way she chooses. Likewise, they believe that while it is not ideal for a teacher to be having a relationship with a student, he should be treated leniently, because one should not be punished for falling in love.

I disagree slightly with the first contention and vehemently with the second.

Lawmakers have to use generalisations when considering laws. Megan Stammers may be the most mature 15-year old on the planet, but the average 15-year old relies greatly on a parent/parents to fund their lifestyle, organise their daily events, counsel them during vulnerable times and help make important decisions in their life. As much as the public seems to enjoy a ‘love conquers all story’, a child of 15 is more likely than not going to be safer and better looked after by parents than a married math teacher double her age.

As for Jeremy Forrest, I feel that this is the time to let the public see loudly and clearly that teachers under no circumstances should be allowed to get involved with a student. The first thing a teacher who has designs on a student should do is resign immediately. The second thing he should do is to wait until that child is of legal age. There is a significant level of trust given to a teacher of children. This trust is slowly being eroded thanks to the daily news cycle of teachers who act without professionalism and integrity.

It is the task of the courts to determine whether or not Jeremy Forrest acted properly. If, as it seems, he didn’t, I hope the judge acts ruthlessly. It is time for our teachers to witness what happens when a fellow teacher abuses the trust that is handed to him in good faith.

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