Now that Jeremy Forrest is Arrested …

A number of readers have disagreed with, my stance on the Jeremy Forrest/Megan Stammers relationship. They believe that a 15-year old girl should be able to decide who she wants to form a relationship with and be able to act on those impulses in any way she chooses. Likewise, they believe that while it is not ideal for a teacher to be having a relationship with a student, he should be treated leniently, because one should not be punished for falling in love.

I disagree slightly with the first contention and vehemently with the second.

Lawmakers have to use generalisations when considering laws. Megan Stammers may be the most mature 15-year old on the planet, but the average 15-year old relies greatly on a parent/parents to fund their lifestyle, organise their daily events, counsel them during vulnerable times and help make important decisions in their life. As much as the public seems to enjoy a ‘love conquers all story’, a child of 15 is more likely than not going to be safer and better looked after by parents than a married math teacher double her age.

As for Jeremy Forrest, I feel that this is the time to let the public see loudly and clearly that teachers under no circumstances should be allowed to get involved with a student. The first thing a teacher who has designs on a student should do is resign immediately. The second thing he should do is to wait until that child is of legal age. There is a significant level of trust given to a teacher of children. This trust is slowly being eroded thanks to the daily news cycle of teachers who act without professionalism and integrity.

It is the task of the courts to determine whether or not Jeremy Forrest acted properly. If, as it seems, he didn’t, I hope the judge acts ruthlessly. It is time for our teachers to witness what happens when a fellow teacher abuses the trust that is handed to him in good faith.

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4 Responses to “Now that Jeremy Forrest is Arrested …”

  1. dave Jones Says:

    A mate of mine told me if I wanted a good laugh to check out what you had written (he stumbled across it by accident) and he was correct. You are indeed a bit of a joke. No valid argument, a very naive view, and a poorly written piece of rubbish. 0 likes, and I can see why. You do not know the full story behind their love, and it seems you have no common sense. “Act ruthlessly” is just a plain idiotic thing to say. You are no judge, you are in no position to judge, and people like you should keep their opinions of hatred to themselves. When the full story comes out then decide. It pains me that people are so happy at the devastation caused to both Megan and Jeremy in this separation. Yes it’s good they were found, but I for one believe they will end up back together, whether you or anybody else likes it or not. I’m sure me and the 2 other people who have read this will never come back to this site again, so you should just give up now trying to get your uneducated views heard. Congratulations for looking like an absolute tool.

    • Michael G. Says:

      Thanks for your comment Dave. I appreciate the feedback. Thank your friend for me please as well. Spreading the blog around, even with those intentions, is much appreciated.

      Whilst you clearly did not take a fancy to my views on Jeremy Forrest, you may appreciate some of the educational resources and strategies that can be found on this blog (especially if you are a parent or teacher or both). I called this blog Topical Teaching with a knowledge that there are more than one side to an argument and my views will not always be readily admired and appreciated. That’s why I take pleasure in my reader’s feedback (especially when the feedback is of a mature and dignified nature).

      I’ll leave you with a phrase I hope you enjoy as much as I do:

      “When two people always agree, one of them is not necessary.”

      Thanks for stopping by,


    • Tracy Says:

      By the way David, Jeremy has committed a crime…  I can tell from your articulate comment that you are an intellectual. Maybe you should check out the Sexual Offences Act, under the heading “abuse of a position of trust”, which by the way goes up to the age of 18.

  2. dizzymcdizzy Says:

    Love? A 30 year old man and a recently turned 15 year old girl? This is not and never can be an equal relationship.

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