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Was it Love or Just a Conquest for Jeremy Forrest?

June 22, 2013

Chloe Queen: Forrest asked her to stay for extra lessons

Many are astounded at the severity of the sentence handed down to Mr. Forrest, the maths teacher convicted of child abduction. They claimed that the girl willfully traveled with him to France and voluntarily allowed herself to become sexually involved with him.

Putting aside the fact that teachers should never be allowed to enter into such relationships with school children and ignoring the fact that she was underage at the time, I ask, was this relationship really about love for Mr. Forrest, or was it about the recruit that succumbed to his advances?

Recent evidence suggests that had she not entered into a relationship with him, his focus may well have shifted to other schoolgirls:

A teenager told last night how shamed maths teacher Jeremy Forrest targeted her when she was just 13.

Chloe Queen said he sent her Christmas and birthday cards, asked her to watch him perform with his band and made her stay after class for extra lessons.

‘I thought he wanted to teach me more, not realising he possibly had other ideas,’ she said. ‘He would invade my personal space and make me feel uncomfortable. He would routinely cuddle me.’

Chloe, now 17, is one of a string of girls Forrest, 30, tried to groom before he ran away to France with a 15-year-old last September.

He was jailed for five and a half years yesterday at Lewes Crown Court and admitted five further counts of sex  with a child after already having been convicted of child abduction on Thursday.

With time spent on remand he could be free in two years, at around the time the schoolgirl, who has vowed to wait for him, turns 18.

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If You Care About Your Students, You Don’t Do as Jeremy Forrest Did

June 20, 2013



Jeremy Forrest’s sister is well within her rights to defend her embattled brother – but surely she could have mounted a better case for attracting our sympathies:

The sister of a teacher accused of abducting a schoolgirl to France said she believed his caring nature had got him into trouble.

This was revealed as Richard Barton, prosecuting, said Forrest, 30, of Broyleside Cottages, Ringmer, could be considered a “paedophile” who “groomed” the 15-year-old girl who he is accused of abducting to France in September last year.

Today Ronald Jaffa, defending Jeremy Forrest, read out a series of character references.

Forrest’s sister Carrie Hanspaul  described her brother as “good-natured and extremely mild-mannered”.

She said: “He never has a bad word to say about anyone and always strives to do whatever he can to help other people and care for them.

“Unfortunately I believe this has contributed to his recent actions.”

His uncle, solicitor John Forrest, added: “He is deeply upset by the position in which he finds himself and is embarrassed and remorseful about the upset which he has caused to his friends and his family.”

Former colleague Susan Pinder, a retired teacher at Forrest’s first school, Bishop Justus CE Secondary School in Bromley, Kent, told how he had been teaching fellow inmates at Lewes Prison, while Dale Ives-Routleff, who was best man at Forrest’s wedding to Emily, said: “He was very unhappy at home and described his home/married life as ‘miserable, lonely and depressing’.”

Benedict Beaumont, a former ICT teacher at Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne – where Forrest taught, said: “Jeremy was one of the most gifted teachers that I have ever met.”

Police officer Terry Meegan, a cousin of Forrest’s mother, said that he was a “talented songwriter, singer and guitar player and was a member of a group called the Simpletons which played gigs to raise money for charity”.

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