Jeremy Forrest Dumped by Schoolgirl: Anyone Surprised?



This is the ultimate morality tale for any teacher stupid enough to go down the unprofessional and highly unethical path of starting a relationship with a student:


The schoolgirl who ran away with married teacher Jeremy Forrest last year when she was just 15-years-old has dumped him for a boyfriend her own age, it has been reported.

The girl, now 16, sparked an international hunt last year when she fled to France with 31-year-old Jeremy Forrest.

Forrest was arrested by French police when he turned up for a job at a bar owned by a British woman who had recognised him from television appeals and was jailed for five-and-a-half years.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had vowed to wait for him ‘for ever’ for him and also said she wanted to have his baby.

She had been in regular contact with his parents and had reportedly made several attempts to contact him in prison.

But Social workers stepped in and banned him from having any contact with him until she is at least 18.

According to a report in the Sunday Mirror, the girl now has a new boyfriend who is a sixth-form student her own age.

She reportedly phoned Forrest’s parents in tears to explain and his father Jim broke the news to his son in prison yesterday.

A family source told the Sunday Mirror: ‘Jeremy is naturally devastated. He’s really upset, but at the same time he’s a realist.

‘He half expected this to happen while he was in prison, I think.’

She is now said to be back living with her mother.

The pair had fallen out over her relationship with Forrest but they have now made peace.

The schoolgirl first kissed Forrest in his classroom when she was 14. He took her virginity one week after her 15th birthday in the marital home while his wife was away.

They fled to Bordeaux when their affair was uncovered by her mother after someone reported seeing text messages on her phone.

Police had failed to find the messages when they examined the phone the day before the girl and Jeremy fled.

She claimed that the pair were only caught because she had been jealous of a ‘flirty barmaid’ who lured him to an interview with offers of work.

In front of his weeping teenage girlfriend, Forrest was arrested and returned to the UK to stand trial.

At Forrest’s trial, the court heard that the schoolgirl turned to her teacher during a tumultuous period in her life. She was upset over the break-up of her parents’ marriage. Both had gone on to meet new partners.

Her mother was pregnant with a new baby by her fiance, and her father had fallen in love and was busy planning a wedding.

Jeremy Forrest was all ears, but crucially failed to stop her growing infatuation in its tracks.

He posted tortured blogs about the moral dilemma he was facing, exchanged explicit photos with the girl via mobile phone and told bare-faced lies when warned over his behaviour by suspicious colleagues.

He even had the cheek to complain to the girl’s mother about the rumours threatening his reputation.

The former maths teacher is currently incarcerated in Ashfield Prison, near Bristol, one of five controversial new jails designed to house only sex offenders.

Built to cope with the dramatic increase in the number of people being convicted of sexual abuse, they have faced a barrage of criticism, with many people fearing that keeping abusers together could reinforce their behaviour.

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