Make an Example out of Jeremy Forrest

Catch him, and if he is found guilty, throw the book at him. His jail sentence should be long enough to serve as a deterrent for the entire teaching community:

Police hunting for runaway teenager Megan Stammers have released an image of her boarding a ferry to Calais in a car driven by her married maths teacher.

The 15-year-old schoolgirl, who has not been seen since last week, was caught on camera in the passenger seat of a dark Ford Fiesta, as she caught a ferry to the Continent with Mr Forrest, 30, from Dover last Thursday.

This afternoon, as Megan’s anxious mother and step-father made an emotional appeal for her safe return, it emerged that the schoolgirl had been receiving after-school tuition from Mr Forrest prior to her disappearance.

She is said to have arrived in France with Forrest after it was disclosed she had sent a message to a friend, but police conducting a cross-Channel search fear the pair could have travelled further into Europe.

Estranged Danielle Wilson and Martin Stammers tearfully told a press conference of their shock that Megan fled the country in secret with Forrest – who had said online their forbidden love had ‘hit me like heroin’.

Detectives have admitted they do not know the pair’s current location, but today released the image of the teacher and pupil boarding a ferry last week.

Click on the link to read Now that Jeremy Forrest is Arrested …


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3 Responses to “Make an Example out of Jeremy Forrest”

  1. honeypotfpn Says:

    It is trashy irresponsible pieces such as this with a silly opening paragraph which might encourage them both to do something together in order to stay together forever. Love has no bounds, they are madly in love and have acted, and are acting, without reason. Compassion, empathy, patience and understanding are the skills to be deployed in my view, rather than rash. brutal comments in this article.

    • Michael G. Says:

      She’s 15 years old! Would you have the same opinion if she was 5 or 10 years old?

      • Ian G Says:

        In answer to your question, no my opinion would have not been the same if this matter related to a pre-pubescent child, but I don’t understand the point you are making. I have three children, 17, 12 and 8 and would like to think that I have some understanding (with reference to my eldest Daughter) of her development into a young adult. There is no point getting wrapped up in the ’16 she is of legal age’ or ’18 she is mature enough to have a relationship with a person in a position of trust’ – feelings aren’t on/off switches that are turned on and off on birthdays. My growing concern is for the welfare of them both in these circumstances.

        And no I don’t give a hoot about the Law in this instance, what is legal and what is not. That can al come later, the important thing is that they both return to this Country safe and sound.

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