Teachers, Get Your Hands Off Your Students


I am sick and tired of reading daily news stories of teachers having affairs or raping their students. Many will find those 2 scenarios worlds apart (especially if the student is over 16), but to me they are both a form of abuse and are completely abhorrent.

Teachers have been bestowed with great trust by parents. It is beyond unacceptable for teachers to exploit this trust in any way.

When I was a student my classroom teacher and the school security guard where pedophiles. It was not known at the time, but many years later both were arrested for their crimes. These crimes involved the molestation of my friends.

As a treat for good behaviour, our teacher once organised a swim party where he got in the water with us and encouraged us not to be shy about dressing and undressing together.

As much as I don’t enjoy the mistrust of being a male primary teacher and the extra precautions I have to take in order to avoid any doubt of impropriety, I understand and accept it. If the stigma helps weed out any potential pedophiles or unprofessioanl teachers, it’s more than worth it.

The punishment for a teacher found to be having consensual or non-consensual relations with their students should be much more severe than for other members of the community.

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One Response to “Teachers, Get Your Hands Off Your Students”

  1. Terra Simpson Says:

    I take 3 group exercise classes a week and all thre of my teachers are women. I’ve been touched on my arm and my lower back. They are just very caring and very concerning for there students well being. Even mine.I was late for a class one time and my sub who is a women actually just rubbed my lower back while she was talking to me because she noticed my nerves were so rattled about being late earlier.

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