A Frightening Look at the Effects of Drugs (Pics)

Impressionable teens would benefit from studying these photos closely.

blondeThis pretty blonde’s face is transformed in just a year and a half

desperateThis user appears desperate and scared in the second mug shot, taken 2.5 years after the one of the left

tragicThis woman turns from fresh faced and attractive to gaunt and haggard thanks to drugs

fastIt takes this drug user just four months for his face to show the signs of addiction

skinnyThis man looks gaunt and sick after four years of taking hard drugs

sadA healthy-looking young woman looks decidedly worse in just eight months

scabsIn just six months, this woman develops large scabs on her face and looks like she is about to cry

no chanceThis man appears together in the left image but years of drugs have taken their toll on his face, right

shameThis woman looks happy and healthy in her first image but two and a half years on she looks decades older

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