The Mission to Stop Teachers From Having a Sense of Humour

duct tape

At University we were told that teachers should never smile until Easter (the end of first term). They said that by smiling you are projecting an aura of friendship and as a professional teacher such a signal would be inappropriate and not conducive to gaining the respect and control you need to do your job properly.

What a load of bull!

No teacher in their right mind would try to befriend their students. That’s not the reason a teacher would smile. The following are reasons I smile all the time in the classroom:

1. I love my job. Kids respect that. When they see their teacher enjoying what they are teaching, the passion for the topic rubs off on them.

2. I am proud of my students.

3. I refuse to pretend to be someone I’m not. I am not a taskmaster, dictator or sourpuss so I refuse to act like one.

4. At the right time, there is nothing more productive and refreshing than a good laugh in the classroom.

But the powers that be are really good at policing charisma in the classroom. Take this appalling overreaction to a light-hearted joke done almost certainly with the full co-operation of her class:

A US school teacher could lose her job after allegedly sharing online a photo of her students with duct tape over their mouths.

The teacher, Melissa Cairns from Ohio, has until Saturday to respond to allegations by her local education board that she put the photo on her Facebook page.

Ms Cairns, a marathon runner and founder of a domestic violence awareness organisation, started work at Buchtel Community Learning Centre as part of a plan to improve her teaching skills in August.

The photo is believed to have been taken in September or October.

A colleague reportedly told a supervisor after seeing the picture online.

The school’s principal then notified parents and asked Ms Cairns, who teaches maths, to remove the photo.

The teachers’ union reportedly intends to request a referee to ask whether the alleged offence warrants her being fired.

Ms Cairns has been on paid leave since Saturday.


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