Student Suspended for Disarming Teen Who Had Gun On School Bus (Video)

If you can get suspended for averting a potential disaster on a school bus one wonders what punishment you would get for saving the entire school:

A Florida high school student was suspended after he disarmed another student who allegedly threatened to shoot someone while on a school bus.

An unnamed 16-year-old student from Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, Fla., was suspended for three days after he disarmed a 15-year-old peer who allegedly threatened to shoot another student with a loaded revolver during a Feb. 26 fight on a school bus, according WFTX.

“It’s dumb,” the suspended student told the station. “How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?”

The teen, who reportedly took away the .22 caliber RG-14 revolver away from his armed peer, was allowed to return to class on Monday, WFTX notes.

Officials later revealed the student was suspended because he didn’t cooperate with the investigation.

The boy’s mother said she believes her son wouldn’t reveal the details to police because he was “born and raised” not to “snitch.”

“I’m going to stand beside my son 100% no matter what,” the unnamed mother told WBBH. “He was very heroic; I think he did the right thing.”

However, according to a release by the school district, anyone involved in a school bus altercation is subject to discipline, per the code of student conduct and Florida law, WBBH reports.

The alleged gunman was later identified as Quadryle Davis. He was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school property and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, WZVN reports. He was taken to the Lee County Juvenile Assessment Center.

Remember when suspensions used to mean something?  Now it is a badge of honour in commemoration of heroism and personal integrity.

Now tell me that our education system isn’t in disarray!


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One Response to “Student Suspended for Disarming Teen Who Had Gun On School Bus (Video)”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    This story reveals a culture of coercion. The USA has the highest per capita rate of incarceration in the world. That has to be saying something. Any education system that relies on coercion simply reinforces the idea that “might is right”. When you observe a growing number of working poor and another group dependent on welfare payments, when you can see a growing divide between the “haves” and the “have nots”, it will only be natural for the “haves” to begin viewing the “have nots” as a threat. There will be calls for stricter laws, for harsher penalties etc etc. We have seen it all before with the rise of poverty in Britain during the industrial revolution. Is it any surprise that crime rates increase under such circumstances? A large proportion of the population locked out of a share in the prosperity of a nation is a recipe for social instability. Education can be a means of breaking the development of such a cycle if it is properly funded and not seen as an instance of the affluent tossing a few dry husks in the direction of the poor. Our parliaments are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

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