The Worst Thing a Teacher Can Ever Say to a Student




Forget the fitness to teach evaluation and just cut to the chase. Did the teacher really tell his student the shocking comment below? If so, he must be fired immediately and have his teaching registration torn up:

High school teacher Gordon Bibby has been ordered by the B.C. Teachers Regulation Branch to undergo a fitness-to-teach evaluation after a series of bad moves, including telling one student: “Your mother lies when she tells you she loves you.”

According to the teachers regulation authority, the Merrit, B.C., teacher also made disrespectful comments about a student’s financial situation at home, and ripped up the homework of two Grade 9 students.


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5 Responses to “The Worst Thing a Teacher Can Ever Say to a Student”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Mr. Bibby was one of my very favourite teachers with a relatable sense of humour and a short tolerance for the kids that are disrespectful of how fortunate they are to be given an education (I was often one of those kids in his radar). His teaching style lacked the sterile quality of teachers who are just ‘doing their job’ because he cares deeply about the minds he is moulding and the future they will be creating. I have no idea how you can say you want to support passionate teachers who inspire their students and then make such a condemning comment about one of your own. Locally, where people know him and have had the privilege of being in his classes over his 22 years of teaching, there is outrage about this. He has a brilliant scientific mind and could be doing anything, but he chose to try and instil a passion for science into a generation of mostly ungrateful students. The ‘academics’ and the ‘barely squeaking by’ students alike have fond memories of Mr. Bibby and appreciate that he always talked to us like a friend, not a superior. I’m disappointed in this bubble-wrapped world my children are going to have to grow up in before they suddenly get dropped into the real world where you can fail, get fired and have jokes made at their expense. And I’m disappointed in you for having the same judgemental and one-sided mind while blogging about compassion.

  2. BethanyB Says:

    This article here is misleading. I was a student at Princeton Secondary where Mr. Bibby was my science, infotechnology and biology teacher. I know first hand that students were always giving him a hard time to the point of bullying and that he would never say things like that unless the student said something disrespectful to him first. He was a great teacher and passionate about sharing his love of science with his students. If Mr. Bibby said any of those things, it would only be in response to the student being disrespectful first. Parents need to stop letting their kids walk all over their teachers. Your child is not a unique snowflake that gets to be a jerk.

  3. Michael G. Says:

    Thank you both for adding insight and perspective to the reporting of the article and for your considered opposition to my conclusions. I really appreciate the loyalty you have shown your teacher. Any teacher would be more than flattered by such glowing words and sentiments from their past students.

    I must say however, that if he indeed made that remark, that it is as bad a comment a teacher can say to his student. No matter how much I care about my students or how well I am rated by them and their parents, I would completely understand if my employer fired me had I made such a remark.

  4. Jason Isaac Says:

    This is what is wrong with the world, some snotty nosed kid got mouthy and a response was given because your not aloud to bitch slap a kid that needs it anymore. Mr. Bibby taught me 20 years ago and I was by no means a good kid. When something was said or done it was dealt with and there was no whining about it after. The fact that this snivelling cry baby ran home and cried to his mommy shows how much of a little millennial snow flake he or she is. Good luck in the future when your still living in your mommy’s basement. PATHETIC

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