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The Explosion of Online Bullying

August 7, 2013


Some very worrying numbers as a result of possibly the most difficult form of bullying to eliminate:

British children are suffering thanks to an epidemic of online bullying – with the number of calls to ChildLine from victims almost doubling in just one year.

In 2012/13, a total of 4,507 children – around 12 a day – rang the helpline to complain they were being abused by peers on social networking sites.

That is up a startling 87 per cent from the 2,410 calls the year before, with the head of the NSPCC revealing many were ringing in ‘utter panic’ after suffering months of ‘torment’.

Girls are three times more likely to call than boys and, worryingly, one in six calls are received from children aged 11 or younger.

The revelation follows the death of 14-year-old Hannah Smith, who hanged herself on Friday after months of abuse on the internet.

Her father said he had found bullying posts on his daughter’s page from people telling her to die.

She had been urged to ‘drink bleach’ by her anonymous tormentors and taunted over her weight, the death of an uncle and an apparent propensity to self-harm.The notorious website – described as a ‘stalker’s paradise’ – has been linked to at least four teenage deaths over the past year.

Now an analysis of calls received by ChildLine show that these victims are far from alone – and that cyberbullying is now one of the fastest growing issues young people contract them about.


Children as Young as 5 are Self Harming

February 5, 2013

Concept of a young injured girl being a victim of child abuse

We have a huge self-esteem crisis facing our young and unless we stop picking on how they express their emotions rather than the feelings that brought them on we are going to see more self-harm and greater incidents of depression, anxiety, obesity and suicide:

Children as young as five are harming themselves, in a worrying epidemic that is sweeping the country, ChildLine has warned.

The charity says that it is no longer just teenagers who are self harming, but they are also receiving calls from five-year-olds.

The charity says that it has also seen a surge in the number of girls aged 10 to 14 self-harming and recorded a 30 per cent rise in boys who are deliberately hurting themselves.

Chris Leaman of charity Young-Minds, told The Daily Mirror that in some parts of the UK the number of young people self-harming had reached ‘almost epidemic’ proportions.

Research has suggested that self-harm is most common among 15 to 19-year-olds, and those suffering from anxiety and depression, according to the NHS.


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