Is There No Better Way to Teach Fitness to Kids than Pole Dancing?

Surely this is not the best way to help children get fit:

A dance and fitness studio in Duncan, B.C. has sparked controversy after introducing a pole dancing class for young children.

Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness is offering the weekend class, Little Spinners, to boys and girls of all ages, owner Kristy Craig said.

Craig said she introduced the class due to demand from existing clients, and so far three girls and one boy have registered for classes, which start on Sept. 22. Her youngest student is just five years old and the oldest is about 12 years old.

Little Spinners will teach similar moves to those offered in adult sessions at the studio, including classes called Sexy Flexy, Pole Fit, Babes on Bikes and Bunny Bootcamp, Craig said.

“[The kids’ class has] some of the same moves, some of them are different, but yeah it’s very similar,” she said. “There’s definitely movements in [the adult classes] that are sexual, but there’s nothing geared toward stripping.”

Craig said pole dancing is a great way to get kids active and interested in exercise and wants to separate pole fitness from its stripping routes.

I find the complicit sexualisation of kids extremely concerning.

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