The Use of Facebook in Cyberbullying Activity



This is yet another example of the humiliation and offensive nature of cyberbullying:

Bosses at one of Britain’s top universities today warned students face being kicked off their course for naming and shaming sexual partners on an ‘offensive’ Facebook page.

Students have been posting details of sexual liaisons and links to the personal profile pages of those involved on the Loughborough Rate Your Sh*g page.

Similar pages have been sprung up at universities across the country, although social networking giant Facebook has said it has removed all of the pages which have been reported.

The pages see students give their peers marks out of ten on a range of factors. The Loughborough page has attracted around 2,500 likes in just a few days.

Furious bosses at high-ranking Loughborough University, Leicestershire, today branded many of the comments ‘personal’ and ‘offensive’.

And they vowed to discipline students who posted on the site, for contravening their policies on acceptable use of IT and harassment.

The institution – known for its sporting prowess – is ranked 12th in the Sunday Times 2013 university league table.

The page encouraged students to send their reviews to an administrator who then posts them anonymously on behalf of the users.

Elsewhere, more than 8,000 people have signed up for updates from the Newcastle University page, according to The Independent.

And Harry Waddle, communications officer at Nottingham University, has warned it would also be considering disciplinary action against students writing defamatory posts.

Facebook has told MailOnline the pages break the website’s rules are are quickly being removed when they are reported to Facebook.

A spokesman said: ‘There is no place for harassment on Facebook, but unfortunately a small minority of malicious individuals exist online, just as they do offline. 

‘We have a real name policy and provide people with simple tools to block people or report content which they find threatening so that we can remove it quickly.’
Click on the link to read A Positive Approach to Tackling Cyberbullying


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