The Researchers into Cyberbullying Should Review Their Findings


The latest research into cyberbullying claims that boredom is responsible for this immensely damaging practice. Well, I believe the research is completely and utterly wrong.

Boredom is not responsible for a person acting in a harassing manner. Boredom doesn’t compel a person to systematically go about about damaging the reputation and self-esteem of another. No, cyberbullying comes about when the perpetrator either has a low opinion of himself, is angry with their life or is playing up to the wrong people.

Research like this is not helpful because it takes a abhorrent activity and reduces it to something innocent – boredom:

Boredom is behind many incidents of cyberbullying and trolling on social media sites, according to the first major study into the matter.

Linguistics expert Dr Claire Hardaker, of Lancaster University, studied almost 4,000 online cases involving claims of trolling.

She has revealed the methods most regularly used by trolls on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to trigger outrage for their own amusement.

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