Schools Putting Spy Cameras in Toilets and Change Rooms

Under no circumstances should a school be able to spy on students in change rooms and toilets:

School pupils are being watched by an astonishing 100,000 spy cameras, a report revealed yesterday.

CCTV surveillance has been set up in playgrounds, classrooms and even toilets and changing rooms.

Some schools have a camera for every five children in the name of controlling violence, vandalism and theft. In fact, the average secondary now has 24 cameras and an academy 30.

In a development that has already provoked outrage among some parents, more than 200 schools have CCTV operating in changing rooms or toilets.

Top of the list for camera/pupil ratio is the Christ the King Catholic and Church of England Centre for Learning in Knowsley, Merseyside.

Cameras have been placed in changing rooms and toilets by 207 schools, which have 825 cameras in all trained on areas where pupils might expect to have a degree of privacy. Radcliffe Riverside School in Bury has the highest number of changing room cameras, with 20.



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4 Responses to “Schools Putting Spy Cameras in Toilets and Change Rooms”

  1. Spy Cameras Says:

    Is that not an evasion of privacy? How are they allowed to use Spy Cams on kids?

  2. james banville Says:

    Who are the creeps watching the kids getting changed?

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