The Courts are Pathetic in Punishing Paedophiles

Newsflash: Prison doesn’t just exist to rehabilitate, it is also there to take the scum off the street. A known paedophile should be locked away for a substantial period of time, regardless of whether or not it will ‘cure’ him of his sickness.

A paedophile who downloaded child porn has been spared jail after a judge said locking him up could be more dangerous to society in the long term.

Jason Fairfax, 35, of Bargoed, south Wales, had amassed a collection of around 2,700 indecent images when police raided his home earlier this year.

The photographs and videos were later graded from one to five – with the higher the category, the more serious the offence.

Cardiff Crown Court heard almost a third of the images were at the higher end of the scale – with 786 level four and 29 level five images.

The details of the photographs were so serious, Judge David Wyn Morgan asked the media not to publish their details.

He said: ‘When the police investigated your computer, they found a staggering number of images that were indecent.

‘There was a very large number of them at the top end of the scale, at level four and five.

‘The natural reaction of any decent human being would be that you should go to prison for as long as possible.

‘But when the revulsion has subsided, the court must consider precisely what that would achieve.

‘You would go into prison as sex offender and still come out as one – just as dangerous if not more so than you are at the moment.

‘And the protection of the public must be of paramount concern to the court.’

Instead what does this animal get?
Judge Morgan decided to make the defendant the subject of a sex offenders treatment programme for three years. He will also have to sign the sex offenders’ register until at least 2017 and undertake 250 hours of unpaid work.

Furthermore, Fairfax is not allowed to have any contact with any children under the age of 16 – either in person, on the telephone or via the internet – without the approval of their parents.

He is also banned from deleting the browsing history on his computer as well as erasing any images from a digital camera or camera phone without permission from the police.

This judgement is absolutely terrifying. We must not put up with it.

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