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School Bans Girls Leggings Because the Boys are Getting Too Distracted

April 10, 2013


I have no problem with schools enforcing a standard dress code to ensure that its students look tidy and respectable. I do have a problem with banning female clothes because of the ‘distraction factor’.

The emphasis is all wrong. Instead of banning distractions, schools should be focusing on employing strategies of engaging boys in learning. If they are dejected at the lack of attention boys pay in class, surely it is incumbent on the school to target the heart of the problem (which is the dull delivery of the curriculum), instead of banning the distraction:

Last week a Petaluma, Calif., junior high school placed a ban on girls’ tight-fitting pants because the boys were reportedly getting too distracted. The school, however, has already adjusted its policy after a backlash from parents. Petaluma Patch reports that students are now being told they can wear yoga pants and skinny jeans, but leggings worn as pants are still not allowed.

“The concern is we don’t want undergarments showing,” Emily Dunnagan, the school’s principal, told Patch (which, like The Huffington Post, is owned by AOL). “The goal is to teach kids to respect themselves and dress appropriately.”

The new policy, according to Patch, lets girls sport leggings “with shorts or paired with a skirt or dress.”

As area news outlet previously reported, Kenilworth Junior High School gathered the girls together last week for an assembly to alert them of their new dress code, which required girls to be sent home to change if they arrived at school in tight pants.

Some of the students were upset about the new restriction because it ruled out a good chunk of their wardrobe. Parents, on the other hand, weren’t happy about the underlying implications of the ban.

“Boys need to be taught to respect women no matter what they’re wearing, and that’s a big deal,” Jerelyn Kruljac, a local parent, told


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A Parent that Means Well Doesn’t Always Do Well

November 13, 2012

Some children get a kick out of watching their parents get irate with school administrators and teachers. They sit back and gladly let their parents fight on their behalf.

Whilst it is important for parents to seek explanations from their child’s school when something comes up, such support is best exemplified with a calm and stable approach. It never works to the child’s benefit when the parent gets too flustered or seeks revenge:

Steven Werner is protesting a Michigan principal’s decision to educate his daughter on porn, calling it an act of bullying and demanding a written apology.

The 10th grade girl went to school on halloween wearing a pink and black female pirate costume the other week, but was called to the Utica High School principal’s office for an outfit that resembled a porn star, Werner tells WJBK. The costume features a short black dress and knee-high black stockings with pink bows.

Werner says that Principal Janet Jones proceeded to tell the teen that she looked like a porn star in the outfit. When the girl asked what a porn star was, “she elaborated to [the girl] what a porn star was and what they do for a living,” Werner said.

“She did say that all men watch porn and it’s a fact of life and I should get real,” he told WJBK. “My daughter was pretty shocked that her principal would explain to her what a porn star is and what a porn star does and about the pornography industry, and I thought it was wrong.”

While the teen wasn’t sent home for her costume, she was told to hide the bows on her stockings, WDIV reports.

The principal should have just come clean and said, ‘Hey, I made a mistake.‘” Werner told WDIV. “I checked the costume, and it looked appropriate. She wasn’t planning on going into porn, and the school doesn’t teach it, and they should keep it out of school.”

In protest, Werner is driving around town in a trailer that says “Mrs. Jones taught my daughter about porn. ‘All men watch porn.'” He says the move is an effort to raise awareness of community happenings, telling WJBK that Jones’ move “is a form of bullying.”

I’m going to take some educated guesses on this report, so please don’t confuse my theories for the facts.

I believe that the child does know what porn is and wasn’t shocked by the comment of Mrs. Jones. Whilst the comment, if said, was humiliating and not appropriate, I can see how schools prefer some basic modesty from their students. That being said, it seems Mrs. Jones could have handled it better.

Mrs. Jones, if this report is in fact accurate, didn’t bully the young girl. The only one in this story that was involved in bullying behaviour was the father, whose response was undignified and completely over-the-top.

Supporting your children is completely understandable, but a character assassination against the child’s principal is counter productive and immature.

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If the Shoe Fits …

August 15, 2012

I am all for enforcing rules and protecting students from violent gangs, but suspending 100 kids on the first day of school is a recipe for disaster.

This sends the wrong message. The footwear may not be ideal, but the punishment is likely to cause even more harm:

The principal at Canton High School doesn’t know what caused the disconnect that led to students violating the uniform policy on the first day of school Wednesday.

Shirley Sanders said every year students and parents receive an information packet that includes the dress code policy. The packet is given out on registration days.

Some 100 students received in-school suspension for wearing neon-colored shoes, neon shoe strings and other “gang related” colors, Sanders said. Students were allowed to call their parents to bring them proper attire.

“That’s unusually high,” Sanders said of the number of violations. On Thursday, some students did the same thing but the number was “significantly lower.”

Canton High School has a dress code – in place for several years now – requiring students to wear navy shirts, khaki pants or skirts, and black or dark-colored shoes or white tennis shoes.

For the first offense, parents are notified and can bring an acceptable pair of shoes to school, and the student receives an in-school suspension for the day. The second offense brings two days of in-school suspension. The third offense requires a parent conference with the principal, and the fourth offense brings a three-day out-of-school suspension.

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