A Joke at the Expense of Your Own Child


Connecting with other parents is all well and good but I don’t like the idea of having a joke at the expense of your children:

The father who inadvertently ignited a controversy by posting a photograph of his daughter with a sign that said ‘I pooped in the shower’ has spoken out to defend his actions.

The doting father, whose identity MailOnline chose not to reveal in order to protect his child, said that while people have a right to pass judgement on him and his actions, his intentions were merely to connect with other parents and make light of the stinky situations they find themselves in.

He called the people who have attacked him ‘bullies’ and said that he was shocked at the outrage his image received, adding that ‘if people actually have my daughter’s best interest at heart they will leave us alone.

I think the father may be right. Self righteous parents can be ‘bullies’ and I am sure this father was needlessly bullied for his actions.
What I don’t understand is why some parents think poking fun of their children online is a worthwhile pursuit.

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