Celebrities Join Forces to End the Cycle of Bullying

October 24, 2014


And for a even more creative and instructive approach.






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Dreams Come True When People Show they Care

October 18, 2014


Blind kids don’t score touchdowns. Or do they?

Justin Olenginski scored his first touchdown on Oct. 11. It was an extraordinary moment for the 15-year-old, who was born blind and has special needs that prevent him from participating in sports.

His Dallas, Pennsylvania, community wanted to give him a memory he’d never forget, ABC News reports. So, the freshman’s high school football team named him captain for that Saturday’s game. After halftime, the announcer called Olenginski onto the field. While the other players watched, he took the quarterback’s handoff and walked down the field — with another player guiding him — to score a touchdown.

When he reached the end zone, the crowd erupted, fireworks were set off and his older brother, Michael, a senior and captain of the team, lifted him into the air as players from both teams crowded around them.


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The Inconvenient Truth Kids Style

October 14, 2014


You spend your life trying to teach your kids the importance of telling the truth and then this happens:



Courtesy of Nickmom


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Stop Letting Teachers Walk Free From Their “Inappropriate Conduct”

October 13, 2014

diane brimble

I’m sick of reading about teachers who are free from jail time for either having sex with their students or trying to. The message sent by not imprisoning a teacher who tries to have sex with her 10 year-old student is appalling. It says that if you want to engage in that sort of conduct the penalty will be minimal.


A primary school teacher who wanted to have sex with her 10-year-old student, and had his name tattooed on her chest, has walked free from court.

County Court judge Mark Taft said he was at a complete loss to understand why mother of eight Diane Brimble, 47, had engaged in “such utterly inappropriate conduct which must dismay every parent”.

“You breached the trust reposed in you by [the boy's] parents who properly expected that a classroom teacher would care for their son in a professional manner,” Judge Taft said on Thursday when sentencing Brimble on a two-year community correction order and 200 hours of unpaid community work.

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Five-Year-Old Forced to Sign a Suicide Contract by School

October 12, 2014


I know there is a great deal of sensitivity about guys and schools but have US school administrators completely lost their minds? How does a 5-year-old with a mild, natural interest in guns constitute a suicide risk?


One mother is furious after her 5-year-old daughter was reportedly forced to sign a “suicide contract” at school.

The mother, named Rebecca, told Alabama outlet WPMI-TV that the incident occurred after her kindergarten daughter drew a picture that resembled a gun and pointed a crayon at another student and said “pew pew.” Authorities at E.R. Dixon Elementary school made the child sign a contract stating she would not kill herself or harm anyone else.

Rebecca said that while she was in the lobby waiting to pick up her child, “they had my 5-year-old sign a contract about suicide and homicide … There should be a different way to handle this situation. If this is protocol it needs to be looked at again.” Rebecca added that she did not think her daughter knew what the words in the contract even meant.

Mobile County school system superintendent Martha Peek told the Alabama Media Group that staff at the elementary school used the district wide procedure for when “a student indicates they may be considering any actions such as hurting themselves or hurting someone else.” However, she noted that the incident will be evaluated and that the policy “will be reworked.”

“I think if we had stepped back and looked at the situation and that others could have been involved — if the principal had known about it — we could have probably had some additional guidance,” Peek told the outlet.

Peek told The Huffington Post that she has not been in touch with the mother since hearing about the incident, but she intends to meet with her and “reassure mom that everything is fine and her child is going to be well taken care of.”

Recently, schools around the country have taken a tough approach to children who play with fake guns or draw fake guns. A young student was famously suspended in 2013 after chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun.


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10 Ways to Move Forward in Teaching as Well as Life in General

October 7, 2014


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Shaming Students is Never the Answer

October 7, 2014



If you really cared about the welfare of your students you would never shame them, even in order to make a point. If I became aware that a student’s profile picture was inappropriate I would deal with it thoughtfully and discreetly.

Not like this:


A 15-year-old says she was humiliated by a teacher who showed an enlarged picture of her in a bikini to more than 100 other students during a school assembly.

Children at Eggbuckland Community College in Plymouth, Devon, were shown the photograph taken from her Facebook profile to illustrate the pitfalls of posting private images online.

Unknown to the schoolgirl, who has not been named, staff had taken her swimwear photo off the internet.

It was blown up and added to a portfolio of other pictures then shown during a packed school assembly.

The shock tactic at the 1327-pupil specialist arts school left the girl distraught.

Her mother, who has now made an official complaint to Ofsted, said: ‘They took the photo from her Facebook profile – she put it on there last year.

‘They used other photos of kids from the neck up but for some reason they thought it was OK to use a picture of my daughter in her bikini.

‘Why did they have to use an image like that to make their point. Then they pointed her out in the assembly. She was really upset.

The teachers should have shown the students this instead.

5 Ways the System Could Better Recognise Teachers

October 5, 2014

world teachers day

It’s World Teacher Day! It’s great having a day totally devoted to teaching but imagine if it came with a gesture … or maybe 5:


1. From now on we are limiting your paperwork to manageable levels - Yearly planners, term planners, weekly planners, daily planners, Integrated planners – I go planner mad! I spend more time working on planners in a week than sleeping. And do the planners make me a better teacher? No way! If anything it makes it harder for me to find time to develop and prepare for the kind of engaging lessons my students need.

2. From now on you don’t have to halt your everyday teaching for every little new cause - Whenever something disturbing happens in society the reaction always seems to be , “All we need to do is educate our children about it”. The result being, lessons on nutrition, resilience, anti-bullying,  anti-gambling, anti-drugs, anti-smoking, responsible alcohol consumption, treatment of women, road safety, bike safety, cybersafety, stranger danger, first aid, body image, sex ed … and the list goes on and on. It’s not that these areas are not important. Far from it. It’s just that if you want me to cover these areas you should be excusing me for all the maths and science I haven’t been able to fit in.

3. From now on just the one staff meeting will suffice - One weekly staff meeting before school meeting and 2 after school weekly meetings is just too excessive. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking shop (this blog proves that), but I have a family. The best workplaces recognise that the home work balance is essential to being a good employee. Extra staff meetings are great for building stress among teachers, not results.

4. From now on we have decided to stop caring how colourful your classroom looks like - As I have admitted before, I would make a terrible interior decorator.  For some reason some bosses are fixated with grand noticeboards and classy themed classroom designs that do little to showcase the childrens’ work and do more to showcase a teacher’s ego. What results is a competitiveness among the teachers to have the glitziest classroom, whilst hacks like me must settle for a rather large dose of ‘classroom envy’.

5. From now on we are scrapping kitchen clean-up duty - Can you imagine instructing one or two of your students to clean up the mess left by the entire class? Why on earth are we teaching our children to clean up after themselves but refuse to live by that philosophy ourselves? Here’s a novel idea. When a teacher decides to make a cup of coffee, that teacher and that teacher alone is responsible for making sure that he/she cleans up any mess made and washes the dirty mug once finished. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


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Teachers, Lay Down Your Guns

October 5, 2014


Teachers were never designed to be gunslingers. We are not meant for guns, meter rules yes, throwing blackboard dusters maybe, but not real guns. In the short time some schools have allowed their teachers to carry firearms we have heard of a few occasions when they have been put to use. Not on school shooters but accidentally whilst one teacher was on the toilet and another was doing some filing or something of that nature:

Why would a teacher feel the need to bring a gun to school? This afternoon the Technology Center of

Dupage sent out an automated recorded call that said an instructor at the school had “accidently” discharged a firearm during class today. The call said that the instructor was a retired FBI agent and that the bullet had traveled through a filing cabinet and wall before stopping.

As the parent of a child who attends TCD, I found this to be horrifying. Retired FBI or not, why would a teacher feel the need to bring a gun into a classroom full of high school kids? And not just a gun, but a loaded gun, at that. This is the type of phone call that makes your heart stop. Although my child is safe, you can’t help but keep thinking, “What if?”

The call did explain that guns are not allowed on the campus and it looks like the incident was an accident, but I just don’t understand what was going through this teacher’s head when he decided to bring a loaded weapon into a classroom. I really feel bad for the kids who were in the teachers class, I can only imagine how they must feel being inches away from something tragically bad happening to them.

I just can’t stop shaking my head at the actions of this teacher. Thankfully no one is hurt, but this could have easily been much, much worse.

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Where Are All the Teachers Who Promote Teaching as a Career?

October 1, 2014


I love being a teacher and I absolutely recommend it to anyone considering it as a career choice. It really bothers me that we hear many teachers advise against teaching. Even though these teachers have every right to be heard, and often make good points, their views tend not to be counterbalanced by those who adore what they do.


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