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Most Teachers Don’t Want to be Teachers

February 5, 2020

Teaching is an unbelievably rewarding profession. I love the being one and do not envisage leaving the classroom anytime soon.

But I don’t blame others for raising the white flag.

Teachers are arguably overworked and underappreciated. You don’t believe me? Try it for a week!


More than half of Australian teachers plan to walk away from the profession, saying they are undervalued and overworked.

New research from Monash University reveals three in five teachers feel they are underappreciated and the hours they put in outside of the classroom are not recognised.

These feelings of under-appreciation persist, despite surveys of the public revealing 93 percent of people feel teachers are trusted and respected.

Dr Amanda Heffernan, lecturer at Monash University’s Faculty of Education, said reasons for teacher dissatisfaction were surprising.

“The pay wasn’t as much of an issue as we expected,” she told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“What really came through was the work load and the subsequent flow on effects in terms of health and wellbeing.”



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