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Online Teaching is the Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had

April 12, 2020


My whole teaching philosophy revolves around the classroom environment.

People are social animals and the benefit of the classroom is it has the potential to combine positive social interactions with real learning and inquiry.

Take the “real” classroom away, and it’s just not the same thing.

Add the typical and completely understandable fears of young children who are aware of the scope of the virus but don’t exactly know how to deal with the insecurities it brings means you’ve got a tough time getting children to concentrate.

But that’s not all.

Forget about group tasks, maths games and interactive activities. Gone!

You want to teach a new skill? Good luck! Not going to be easy.

And what happens if you are in the same position as I am, and you find yourself teaching to 25 of your own students whilst your 2 elder children are engaged in their own virtual learning experience whilst your baby is permanently attached to your lap reaching for any keyboard button she can reach.

I didn’t sign up to teach Maths whilst changing a soiled nappy!

All conventions are out the window and the million questions you get on an average working day is tripled by lunchtime.

“I Can’t Find the File”

“What do we have to do again?”

“Do I write or type my answers?”

“How long do you want it?”

All these questions were answered clearly online, but what kid listens to a teacher who is 3 suburbs away?

And don’t get me started with my blasted WIFI connection!

After a day of this (starting at 8.45 and finishing at 4), I collapse on the carpet in the fetal position. I always finish a school day exhausted. It’s like a badge of honour – an award in recognition of my dedication and passion. But I have never been so exhausted as a teacher.

At least I have the best class in the world and I have done everything in my powers to allay their fears and provide some humour.

I just wish I could have my classroom back.


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