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Primary Schools Forced To Give Sex Education

September 27, 2011

I don’t object to Sex Education lessons in Primary Schools, but I do object unreservedly to schools continually being forced to undertake programs.  Schools should be able to decide for themselves what extra programs they wish to take on.

Some primary schools are being forced by local authorities to teach sex education to their pupils, a report has claimed.

The research, published on Monday, raises concerns over the “considerable level of inconsistency” across the country. Many local authorities are incorrectly informing primary schools in their area they will not be eligible for the ‘Healthy School’ status if they did not teach sex education, it suggested.

Every week a new program is being established for schools throughout the world.  If it’s not Sex-Ed it’s suicide prevention, bullying, cyber bullying, cyber safety, hygiene, traffic safety, Stranger Danger etc.  Whilst all these initiatives have good intentions and are worthy causes (with perhaps the exception of Stranger Danger), it causes a great strain on teachers already struggling with time constraints.  The more programs undertaken by schools the harder it is to cover the curriculum.

At some point in time we will have no choice but defer some of the responsibility of sex-ed on the parents of our students.  After all, educating ones child about sex is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect from a parent.

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