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Kids as Young as 11 Posting Naked Selfies of Themselves

July 27, 2015


We must empower our vulnerable students with the courage to resist making the bad decisions that will impact them significantly down the track. Sexting is not an innocent exercise. It is an act designed to persuade someone to do something that they would ordinarily want no part of.

The trick is not to introduce a classroom program, but rather build up the confidence of our more vulnerable students.


Schoolchildren as young as 11 have been caught using their mobile phones to send naked selfies and sexting.

Parents are on alert after a special team of police, whose remit includes child protection, has been dealing with ‘sexting’ cases involving kids at primary schools.

And officers are urging mums and dads to be aware of the dangers facing their children, reports the Daily Record.

Detective Chief Inspector Fil Capaldi, who leads the Public Protection Unit at Renfrew Police Office, said: “We have dealt with cases involving primary seven pupils.



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The Effect of Pornography on Children’s Minds

March 18, 2013


Whilst exposure to online pornography is unlikely to be the only trigger for sexual behaviour and misconduct, teachers are entitled to raise their concerns:

They will warn that the increased availability of pornography on the internet is warping school pupils’ ideas of sexual relationships and that children are often engaging in sexual behaviour on school premises.

Teacher leaders now believe the problem has become so significant that they want new policies to be drawn up on how to deal with the issue.

They are particularly concerned about the practice of “sexting” – which sees young girls being pressurised into taking intimate pictures or videos of themselves on a camera phone and sending them to others.

They are also asking for the introduction of new lessons on the dangers posed by pornography.

Helen Porter, a biology teacher who will raise a motion about the impact of pornography on pupils at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers annual conference next week, said: “Sexual activity in school is becoming more normalised because pupils are seeing it more.

“I’ve heard of a 13 year old girl taking part in an amateur porn video – it is really sickening. Research has found that 50 per cent of youngsters had taken part in some sort of webcam sexual experience.”

Official figures show that more than 3,000 pupils were excluded from state schools in 2010-2011 for sexual misconduct.

Recent research from Plymouth University also revealed that 80 per cent of young people are looking at sexual images online on a regular basis. The average age to start viewing pornography was about 11 or 12 while sexting was considered almost routine for many 13-14 year olds.

The academics warned that schoolchildren were becoming desensitised to sexual images after accessing hard core material.


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