‘Sexting’ Added to the Curriculum. Really?

Sext ed


Is there anything we teachers can actually leave to the parents to cover?

Perhaps we should do a swap. I’ll cover sexting, sex ed, gambling, drugs, smoking and hygiene and the parents can concentrate on algebra, Shakespeare and physics.

Covering these important topics only sends the message to parents that they can forgo their responsibilities to teachers who neither command the same respect nor have the same impact as they do.


Sext ed will be part of the curriculum for Los Angeles students this fall.

The LA Unified School District will roll out a broad plan to educate students on the dangers of sharing sexually explicit photos via texting and the Internet.

The Los Angeles Times reports Tuesday that schools will get video, lesson plans and handouts for students.

District Police Chief Steven Zipperman says the campaign will teach students about violations of child pornography and obscenity laws that can come with sexting along with the personal consequences.

Zipperman says the district primarily wants students to think before hitting “send.”

Jeff Temple, a Texas professor who has co-authored a sexting study, says he hopes the curriculum gives facts without exaggerating the risks of sexting, and emphasizes the importance of consent.


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