Kids as Young as 11 Posting Naked Selfies of Themselves


We must empower our vulnerable students with the courage to resist making the bad decisions that will impact them significantly down the track. Sexting is not an innocent exercise. It is an act designed to persuade someone to do something that they would ordinarily want no part of.

The trick is not to introduce a classroom program, but rather build up the confidence of our more vulnerable students.


Schoolchildren as young as 11 have been caught using their mobile phones to send naked selfies and sexting.

Parents are on alert after a special team of police, whose remit includes child protection, has been dealing with ‘sexting’ cases involving kids at primary schools.

And officers are urging mums and dads to be aware of the dangers facing their children, reports the Daily Record.

Detective Chief Inspector Fil Capaldi, who leads the Public Protection Unit at Renfrew Police Office, said: “We have dealt with cases involving primary seven pupils.



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