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Give Jeremy Forrest His Privacy

August 16, 2015



Whilst I was in support of the verdict against him, now that he is free on bail, I think it’s is to stop hounding Mr. Forrest and give him some time and space to rebuild his life.

I don’t care where he is living, what gadgets he has access to and what special privileges he gets – it’s not as if I am in the least bit jealous of him.


Sex shame teacher Jeremy Forrest, who went on the run in France, makes the most of his freedom by going for a jog.

The former maths master, released from jail last month, was spotted exercising in a large park next to his new home – an “all mod cons included” bail hostel.

He has been given a number of special privileges there, including his own self-contained flat with kitchen, en-suite bedroom, TV and Xbox games console.

Disgraced Forrest – who served less than three years of a five-and-a-half-year sentence for seducing a 15-year-old pupil before abducting her in 2012 – also has free access to an in-house gym, movies and a garden, all laid on for him by Britain’s legal system.

A source said: “There are 25 cons in the hostel and everyone else just has a room or a shared room and has to share bathrooms and cooking facilities – but Forrest is getting special treatment due to his infamy.



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