Teacher Blames Grandmothers Death for Sexual Advances to Students

banned-teacher How low can you get?

A Queensland teacher has been banned from schools for six years after making sexual advances towards students.

His excuse?  

He expressed deep shame and blamed the conduct on a high workload and the deaths of a student and his grandmother.

6 years? It must have been one isolated misstep, right?
He sent one Year 12 student a photo of his bare chest and another of his thigh and part of his penis during online conversations spanning February to April 2014.
Yes, but he only got banned for 6 years, so that’s all he did, right?
Conversation topics included the teen’s breasts and likely exam questions, the tribunal heard.

Tell me that’s all? Please?

On one occasion the teacher rubbed the girl’s legs and repeatedly tried to kiss her after she accepted his offer to go for a drive.

Don’t tell me there’s more.
There’s more.

He told another Year 12 student over Skype he no longer liked his wife and asked her to imagine him kissing her thighs and performing a sex act on her.

I don’t think I can bear to hear any more of this.

He repeatedly visited a third Year 12 student at the supermarket where she worked and later told her she looked attractive and complimented her lipstick.

6 years! Why isn’t this guy behind bars?
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    You’re right

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