How Does a Teacher Stop an Out of Control Classroom Fight


The parent in question is justified in complaining about her son’s teacher, based on his seemingly excessive approach to stopping a classroom fight. But she should also reflect on the reason for such a scene, namely, her son’s involvement in the fight.

Additionally, the question has to be asked, what on earth is a teacher supposed to do when two students, or groups of students are engaging in violent activity in the classroom? Calling for help is the obvious answer, but in many cases the damage would have been done before the help arrives.


A concerned parent in the US has handed disturbing footage of a teacher putting her son in a choke hold to the police in a bid to have the teacher punished.

The Memphis high school teacher is seen completely immobilising the student on the ground after trying to break up a fight between the 16-year-old and another boy.

Students try to separate the pair but the teacher persists until he wrestles the boy to the ground.

The boy’s mum Shunkita Qualls said her son came home with bruises but school officials had initially played down the classroom.

But Ms Qualls was shocked when she saw video of the attack and believes the teacher was too heavy handed.

“(It was) heartbreaking. It brought tears to my eyes,” Qualls told FOX13.

“No mother wants to send their child to school and have to see something like that.”

The school released a statement saying it had reviewed the footage but believes the teacher’s actions were necessary to prevent the student attacking others.

Police are investigating but no charges have been laid.


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