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Adding Sex Education to the Curriculum Comes at the Expense of Something Else

July 5, 2012

Firstly, I believe that it is the parents job to educate their children about sex. As a parent, I believe that it would be a blight on my parenting skills if I left such an important conversation topic to my child’s teachers.

Secondly, although in a perfect world, it would be nice to include every cause and every topic of importance into the curriculum, it is simply not realistic. Adding sex education into the curriculuum would come at the expense of time dedicated to english, maths, science and history. I don’t think that is a good result for students:

But a national survey of 15-29 year olds shows that sexual education across Australian schools ranges from no sexual education or minimal classes focusing on the dangers of sexual activity, to comprehensive lessons on the benefits, as well as the risks, of sexual relationships.

Research shows that less than half of sexually active school students report always using a condom during sex. But, the national survey said, condom use was declining and although young people account for 75 per cent of sexually transmitted infections, just 10 per cent of young people thought they were at risk of contracting an STI or AIDs.

AYAC’s deputy director (young people), Maia Giordana, said with the federal government rolling out national curriculum subject areas, the time was right for reform.”In some schools it’s being taught really comprehensively, and in other schools it’s not really happening at all,” Ms Giordana said.

The assertion that children are choosing not to use condoms because of a lack of education is just plain misleading. Could someone show me evidence that proves that a school sex education program leads to less cases of sexually transmitted diseases?
When will they realise that our curriculum is overcrowded as it is?

3rd Graders Perform Sex Act in the Classroom Without Being Noticed

March 25, 2012

Whilst I can’t understand why a teacher wouldn’t have spotted their students performing oral sex in the classroom, I don’t think that the teacher’s role in this story is the critical one. What I want to know is how on earth do 8 year olds end up behaving like that in the first place?

An unnamed teacher at Tallulah Elementary School in Tallulah, Louisiana has been fired from her job as a teacher for not noticing two third graders engaged in oral sex underneath a table, according to the local News Star.

District Superintendent Lisa Wilmore made it clear to the paper that the teacher was fired because the incident occurred on her watch.

Wilmore said, according to the News-Star,

“The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately. The principal made a decision, and I supported the principal. We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.”

The district of Tallulah has been dealing with several problems this year.  Recently another teacher was placed on leave for a substance abuse problem.

The School District also announced that while the two children are going through counseling they are not going to be disciplined or have their studies hurt.

Both teacher dismissals were part of what Wilmore is calling her program of “Changing the culture” in the school district.

It doesn’t matter how many teachers that school fires, they won’t come close to changing the culture of the school without investigating the behaviour of their students. What are these children exposed to at home? Are these kids exposed to pornographic material? Did they now what they were doing? What are their parents’ role in this incident?
It is not enough to focus on the teacher. Yes, the teacher could have prevented it from happening by being more alert. Yes, teachers who don’t notice major incidents under their watch have some serious questions to answer. But that should never prevent the school from investigating the reasons behind the incident and find out what caused their students to act that way.
Sacking teachers in the name of an improved school culture is useless when third grade children feel the need to engage in sex acts and seemingly nothing is done about it.

5th Graders Caught Playing “Rape Tag”

February 3, 2012

One has to wonder what level of  outside supervision schools have if it overlooks a game involving “dry humping”. For this to be stopped only after a complaint from a parent suggests that some teachers should put down their mugs of coffee and actually observe the children during yard duty.

A disturbing playground activity has parents riled over what is going on during recess at an elementary school.

Washington Elementary School in New Ulm, Minnesota, is at the centre of controversy as it was learned fifth grade students had played ‘rape tag’ during recess.

The game is very similar to freeze tag, except to unfreeze someone, a student would have to simulate a sex act on the frozen person.

A parent reported the incident to school officials after finding their child was talking about the game on Facebook.

So what flimsy excuse does the Principal give for something that should have been banned minutes after it was first trialled in the playground?
The school’s principal, Bill Sprung, told KEYC-TV: ‘This age level of kids – 10, 11, 12—is a time when kids start to mature; start to experiment. 

He added: ‘Part of that experimentation is that they do things we wish they wouldn’t have done.’

There is a great level of trust that parents bestow to teachers and schools. They expect, amongst other things, that respect for women and girls is inherent in all activities both inside and outside of the classroom. These parents have been justifiably let down by a school that overlooked the obvious and acted reactively rather than proactively.

Teachers Advised to Discuss the “Positive Side of Sex” With Their Under-Aged Students!

December 18, 2011

I’m sick of groups filling us up with propaganda to justify their cause. Whether it’s breastfeeding, natural birth or the education equivalent – sex-ed, hardly a day goes by without a study released pointing to the same old conclusions. Whilst these causes all have merit, there comes a time when one gets sick of being lectured to via an endless cycle of propaganda.

There is some validity behind the push to enforce sex ed on classrooms around the world. Like any other area, knowledge about safe sex in particular, makes a great deal of sense. But having witnessed various programs in action, I can’t help but think that sex-ed is extremely overrated.

The idea, as a recent study claims, that children in the absence of sex-ed turn to porn is ludicrous:

Australian researchers Maree Crabbe and David Corlett said children were turning to adult films because schools were not handling the positive aspects of sex.

The researchers presented their findings at a conference at London University’s Institute of Education.

“Discussion of sex and intimacy is too often avoided in schools,” they said.

“Porn has become a cultural mediator in how young people are understanding and experience sex. Porn is our most prominent sex educator.”

Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, said: “The rising numbers of girls having under-age sex is alarming. It is not a cost-free phenomenon.

“It poses public health policy challenges and social challenges. The underlying cause must be the ‘pornification’ of British culture and the increasing sexualisation of preadolescent girls.

“Too many young girls are absorbing from the popular culture around them that they only have value as sex objects. Inevitably they act this notion out.

“Government needs to respond to spiralling under-age sex, not with pointless schemes to teach abstinence, but with better PSHE teaching in schools for both girls and boys.”

I find the conclusions of this study extremely difficult to believe for the following reasons:

1. It seems to be inferring that if provided with a sex-ed course children wouldn’t turn to porn. Yeah right!

2. That mandatory PSHE classes would radically minimise the number of under-age sex and boys would come to show more respect to girls having taken the course.

“Up until my sex-ed course, I was treating women like objects, but since my classes, I am a changed person.” Yeah right!

3. I have sat through these classes and an inordinate amount of time is spent on the differences between the male and female anatomy. Whilst this is obviously of some value, most porn stars themselves don’t know the difference between a vulva, clitoris or vagina (even the female porn stars!).

4. Is it really the teachers job to “handle the positive aspects of sex?” If so, I quit! I’ve got more important things to do than promote sex to under-age children. This assertion is downright irresponsible. Can you imagine the outcry if kids came home telling their parents that they want to lose their virginity because their teacher told them that sex is a wonderful thing?”

5. Parents, follow my advice on this one. Your child’s sex education is primarily YOUR responsibility.

I refuse to promote sex in my classroom! I would sooner quit my profession than get involved in such downright immoral and undignified behaviour! If you are worried about girls being treated poorly and kids engaging in under-age sex, don’t point at a lack of sex-ed classes or blame the proliferation of porn. Instead remind parents to do the job they were entrusted with when they decided to bring life into this world.

Let’s cut the propaganda and get back to what we signed up to do – let’s teach the curriculum!

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