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Adding Sex Education to the Curriculum Comes at the Expense of Something Else

July 5, 2012

Firstly, I believe that it is the parents job to educate their children about sex. As a parent, I believe that it would be a blight on my parenting skills if I left such an important conversation topic to my child’s teachers.

Secondly, although in a perfect world, it would be nice to include every cause and every topic of importance into the curriculum, it is simply not realistic. Adding sex education into the curriculuum would come at the expense of time dedicated to english, maths, science and history. I don’t think that is a good result for students:

But a national survey of 15-29 year olds shows that sexual education across Australian schools ranges from no sexual education or minimal classes focusing on the dangers of sexual activity, to comprehensive lessons on the benefits, as well as the risks, of sexual relationships.

Research shows that less than half of sexually active school students report always using a condom during sex. But, the national survey said, condom use was declining and although young people account for 75 per cent of sexually transmitted infections, just 10 per cent of young people thought they were at risk of contracting an STI or AIDs.

AYAC’s deputy director (young people), Maia Giordana, said with the federal government rolling out national curriculum subject areas, the time was right for reform.”In some schools it’s being taught really comprehensively, and in other schools it’s not really happening at all,” Ms Giordana said.

The assertion that children are choosing not to use condoms because of a lack of education is just plain misleading. Could someone show me evidence that proves that a school sex education program leads to less cases of sexually transmitted diseases?
When will they realise that our curriculum is overcrowded as it is?

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