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Rafe Esquith Should Come and Work in Australia

July 11, 2015



Rafe Esquith, the most highly decorated and inspiring teacher on the planet has been sent to what is referred to as “teacher jail.” He has been removed from the classroom for what seems as technicalities, overreactions and perhaps a bit of jealousy.

As a result we have witnessed a real failing of the L.A. Unified School District and the U.S. public school system in general.

For instance:

Why hasn’t this investigation been conducted with greater speed? Removing the best teacher you have since March is not a good result for his students. Get on with it already!

Why has this suspension been conducted in such secrecy? Doesn’t Rafe and his myriad of followers deserve to know why such a highly decorated teacher is deemed unfit to continue in his position? This is not a case for behind closed doors. Rafe’s supporters deserve to know why the educator they have modeled their own teaching on is considered a possible threat to his students.

Where are the teachers union on this one? Here was your chance to stand up for your most famous member. And how have you reacted? By sitting on the fence. Get off the fence and do what you are supposed to do – fight for teacher’s rights! Why is it that all the legal threats is coming from Rafe’s personal lawyers. I need to see more from the union.

Rafe, give up on this inflexible and non-cohesive system and come work in Australia!



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Are the Teachers Union Backing Rafe Esquith?

June 24, 2015




Rafe Esquith is the worlds most decorated teacher. You would think that in a situation where the the most acclaimed teacher, and longstanding union member, is suspended from the classroom for nothing more than a joke, that the union would go public in support of him.

But where are they?

No representative from the union has gone on record as far as I’ve seen. No union protests. Nothing.

I hear crickets, but no union outrage.


Surely this is just the sort of high profile case the union longs for. It would provide an opportunity to make telling points about the difficulties and stresses teachers face on a daily basis.

But where are they?

My message to the union is to get on the front foot and give Mr. Esquith the vocal support he needs and deserves.


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Lessons We Can Learn From the Rafe Esquith Suspension

June 21, 2015


The most highly decorated and dedicated teacher in America has been sitting in his lounge room for the past 2 months. He has been stripped of his right to do what he does best, because a colleague dobbed him in to the authorities for a politically incorrect joke.

Since hearing of his suspension I have been in a state of shock. Who would want to take the best teacher out of the classroom? Shouldn’t they be working on getting more Rafe’s instead of finding absurd ways of removing them from classrooms?

After days of soul searching I have come up with some lessons I have learned from this saga:


1. It Could be You – If Rafe can be barred from the classroom, anyone can. Next it could be you.

2. Leave Your Sense of Humour at the Door – Don’t even think of cracking a joke. It could cost you your job. The classroom is not a place for humour. It should be a joyless, lifeless, cold and bitter place. If you want to see kids laugh, become a party clown!

3. A Good Record Counts for Nothing – Teacher of the Year! Who cares? When a jealous co-worker dobs you in to the authorities, a lifelong reputation of excellence and integrity counts for nothing. Leave your references at the door. Educational bureaucrats with an ego the size of Greece’s debt aren’t in the mood to excuse a trivial comment, even if your name is Mother Theresa.

4. Teaching is a Dog Eat Dog Profession – Yes, I am generalizing, but don’t tell me you’ve never experienced it. Why do teachers feel the need to compete with one another? Aren’t the children supposed to be the emphasis. That teacher who snitched on Rafe has a lot of explaining to do. If as I presume, he/she did it out of jealousy, it is yet another example of teachers hurting their own. Our job is difficult enough as it is, why do we need to constantly compete against and judge one another? We should be supporting, not reporting each other!

5. Who wants to be a Male Primary Teacher? – C’mon, you know I’m right. It’s the elephant in the room. Had a female teacher made the same joke as Rafe did (a joke I don’t endorse), would she have been suspended? Absolutely not. You want more male teachers in the younger years? Start by treating us equally.

6. It’s not Just about Rafe’s Reputation, It’s a Reflection on Our Profession – Here was a teacher that absolutely adores what he does. He is a true inspiration. And what do the authorities do to acknowledge his outstanding work? Ban him from the classroom. What message does this send to perspective teachers. Perhaps it’s easier working at Walmart. I’m sure the pay isn’t all that different.

7. Teach at a Private School if You Can – By working at a public school, Rafe’s reputation was greatly enhanced. He was seen as a champion for the downtrodden, the under privileged. But the problem with public schools is that they are often run in a chaotic and cold-hearted fashion. Private schools personally select and invest in you. They choose you because they believe in you, and unless there is ample proof that they were completely wrong about you, they will give you the benefit of every doubt. Public schools on the other hand treat you like a number. Had Rafe made that comment in a private school, his Principal would have backed him all the way. Perhaps, at worst, he would have had to issue an apology, but nothing more than that. It’s great to teach those who need you the most, but not at the expense of your reputation.


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The Teacher I Most Look Up To, Removed from the Classroom

June 16, 2015



I can’t believe that my mentor Rafe Esquith who has written some of the best books about teaching, has been suspended from doing what he loves so dearly.


A popular teacher who’s been nationally praised for his work has been removed from the classroom at a Koreatown elementary school.

Only on CBS2/KCAL9, Rafe Esquith’s attorney fired back Monday at Los Angeles Unified School District officials, saying the allegations are ruining a great man’s reputation for no reason.

Esquith, then a fifth-grade teacher at Hobart Elementary, spoke with us about his unique and inspiring teaching methods in the classroom back in 2004.

There are dozens of articles and videos about the LAUSD employee who started the Hobart Shakespeareans Foundation, which raises money for classroom materials and field trips.

That’s why Esquith’s neighbor, Steve Montgomery, was just as surprised to learn he was removed from the classroom several months ago during an investigation by the school district.

“He is a very dedicated teacher,” Montgomery said.

No one answered the door at Esquith’s home, but a woman picked up the phone when CBS2/KCAL9’s Jasmine Viel called. The woman said Esquith is OK and agreed he’s a great teacher.

A district spokesperson said Esquith is still on the payroll but would not say what led to the investigation.

Esquith has hired famed attorney Mark Geragos.

Geragos tells us it was a complaint from another teacher concerning a quote Esquith used from Mark Twain that started it all.

Geragos issued the following statement regarding the matter: “The State of California has thoroughly investigated and cleared Rafe, who is a nationally recognized and award-winning teacher. If LAUSD does not immediately reinstate Rafe and issue a public apology, we will file immediate legal action.”



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