Rafe Esquith Should Come and Work in Australia



Rafe Esquith, the most highly decorated and inspiring teacher on the planet has been sent to what is referred to as “teacher jail.” He has been removed from the classroom for what seems as technicalities, overreactions and perhaps a bit of jealousy.

As a result we have witnessed a real failing of the L.A. Unified School District and the U.S. public school system in general.

For instance:

Why hasn’t this investigation been conducted with greater speed? Removing the best teacher you have since March is not a good result for his students. Get on with it already!

Why has this suspension been conducted in such secrecy? Doesn’t Rafe and his myriad of followers deserve to know why such a highly decorated teacher is deemed unfit to continue in his position? This is not a case for behind closed doors. Rafe’s supporters deserve to know why the educator they have modeled their own teaching on is considered a possible threat to his students.

Where are the teachers union on this one? Here was your chance to stand up for your most famous member. And how have you reacted? By sitting on the fence. Get off the fence and do what you are supposed to do – fight for teacher’s rights! Why is it that all the legal threats is coming from Rafe’s personal lawyers. I need to see more from the union.

Rafe, give up on this inflexible and non-cohesive system and come work in Australia!



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