The Teacher I Most Look Up To, Removed from the Classroom



I can’t believe that my mentor Rafe Esquith who has written some of the best books about teaching, has been suspended from doing what he loves so dearly.


A popular teacher who’s been nationally praised for his work has been removed from the classroom at a Koreatown elementary school.

Only on CBS2/KCAL9, Rafe Esquith’s attorney fired back Monday at Los Angeles Unified School District officials, saying the allegations are ruining a great man’s reputation for no reason.

Esquith, then a fifth-grade teacher at Hobart Elementary, spoke with us about his unique and inspiring teaching methods in the classroom back in 2004.

There are dozens of articles and videos about the LAUSD employee who started the Hobart Shakespeareans Foundation, which raises money for classroom materials and field trips.

That’s why Esquith’s neighbor, Steve Montgomery, was just as surprised to learn he was removed from the classroom several months ago during an investigation by the school district.

“He is a very dedicated teacher,” Montgomery said.

No one answered the door at Esquith’s home, but a woman picked up the phone when CBS2/KCAL9’s Jasmine Viel called. The woman said Esquith is OK and agreed he’s a great teacher.

A district spokesperson said Esquith is still on the payroll but would not say what led to the investigation.

Esquith has hired famed attorney Mark Geragos.

Geragos tells us it was a complaint from another teacher concerning a quote Esquith used from Mark Twain that started it all.

Geragos issued the following statement regarding the matter: “The State of California has thoroughly investigated and cleared Rafe, who is a nationally recognized and award-winning teacher. If LAUSD does not immediately reinstate Rafe and issue a public apology, we will file immediate legal action.”



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2 Responses to “The Teacher I Most Look Up To, Removed from the Classroom”

  1. Carolyn Thompson Says:

    What a twisted world we are in, to teach or not to teach? Teaching means walking out in to all territories as we never know what a person’s soul came here to do. And petty teachers filing complaints are the ones that also need some time out, this is why I never pursued public school as a teacher, the staff and environment is very petty and unhealthy, gossiping instead of helping children. I worked for private schools where I had freedom to teach.

    • Michael G. Says:

      I really believe that public school bureaucrats are trying earnestly to remove their best teachers in preference to conformist, yes men and women.

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