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Kids Have Never Felt More Stressed

January 20, 2014



A new survey concludes that UK kids are as stressed as they’ve ever been, with the school environment given as reason for some of the blame. Whilst we can’t interfere with a child’s home life, I can’t understand why more isn’t done to make kids feel happier at school.

At the moment schools seem to be reactionary. Instead of providing the safe and warm environment they preach in their marketing material, they seem to wait for a problem to arise and then rely on their tired policies and often lackluster procedures.  This achieves their main goal of avoiding lawsuits, but does little to properly make the child a top priority.

As long as many schools continue to concentrate on avoiding bad publicity instead of delivering an environment their students can thrive in, the stress will continue to mount.

Above is a movie about adjusting to change and dealing with stress that is well worth watching with your child.


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What Age Should Children Start School At?

September 12, 2013




Prolonging the commencement of school by 2 years is a nonsense. There is nothing wrong with the current system when it comes to the school age requirement. However, there is a great deal wrong with the system when it comes to helping support children through the transition and developing an environment which is just as determined to boost a child’s sense of self as it is their grade average. Better they work on reinvigorating the current system instead of changing it radically:

Children should not start primary school until they are six or seven-years-old, according to a coalition of education experts who warn of the damaging pressure to perform in class at a young age.

A letter written by 130 teachers, academics and authors said the UK should follow the Scandinavian model and put off formal lessons for two years.

Under the UK’s current system, children start full-time schooling at the age of four or five.

Experts say this is causing ‘profound damage’ in a generation which is not encouraged to learn through play.

But the call was last night dismissed by as ‘misguided’ by a spokesman for the Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Children in the UK are obliged by law to be in school aged five, which the lobby group said is creating a ‘too much, too soon’ culture.

The warning singled out recent government proposals which mean five year olds could be formally tested from the beginning of their schooling.

Under the current system, children are first assessed at the age of seven. But under Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s proposals, a ‘baseline’ test could be introduced in the first year of primary school.

The group of experts warned that monitoring a pupil’s progress from such a young age promotes stress and fear around learning.


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There is Nothing Wrong With Testing Young Children

July 17, 2013


Whilst I am critical of the size and formal nature of standardized testing, I fully approve of assessing student development from a very early age. As long as the tests are conducted in a non-threatening manner and the results are used to assist the child rather than judge the quality of their teacher I have no problem with it.

Children’s academic ability could be tested as soon as they start primary school aged four or five under plans unveiled by Nick Clegg.

Pupils are currently tested at seven to set a ‘baseline’ for measuring their progress in school.

But details of plans to do this during reception year emerged in a consultation document launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, which also includes plans to rank primary school pupils against their peers across the country.

This would see primaries having to ensure 85 per cent of pupils are ready for senior school or risk triggering an Ofsted inspection.

Pupils could also be ranked against their peers across the country, being put in 10 per cent achievement ‘bands’, showing, for example, if they are in the top 10 per cent.

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