The Children of Today Show a Lack of Respect For Authority

You know when things have gone out of control when the disrespect shown by children to adults goes beyond targeting parents and teachers, and instead becomes focused on the Prime Minister of our country.

The child who threw a sandwich at the PM will unfortunately become a cult hero among disaffected teens. To me, his actions are emblematic of a generation that exhibits a general lack of respect for authority:

A STUDENT suspended for throwing a sandwich at the Prime Minister during a visit at a Logan school has denied he did it.

Kyle Thomson, 16, was one of many teens who mobbed Julia Gillard during a visit to Marsden State High School, south of Brisbane,  this morning.

While speaking to students a vegemite sandwich was hurled in the direction of Ms Gillard, flying past her and hitting another student.

A teacher declared Kyle was the one who threw it and he was subsequently suspended for 15 days.

But Kyle has denied the allegations, instead claiming he tried to stop another student from throwing the sandwich.

“I hit the sandwich out of the kids hand because he threw it,” he told Channel 9.

“There was another one, so I hit it out of his hand.”

Kyle’s mother believes her son is being unfairly blamed for the incident and has demanded all footage from the visit be reviewed to find the real culprit.

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