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The New Form of Spanking

August 7, 2012

I am personally not fond of spanking. I don’t think it works and I personally choose to discipline my daughter by other means. I don’t, however, believe in banning parents from exercising their right to spank.

I was reading a standard article about spanking and couldn’t help but gasp at a new form of spanking:

In an experiment that involved surreptitiously watching parents discipline their kids in public places such as restaurants, researchers found that in 23 percent of cases, mom or dad resorted to “negative touch” to get their child to comply. Negative touch can include anything from restraining and spanking to pinching and hitting.

Restraining? How can you blame a parent for restraining their own child? Just the expression “negative touch” is something I consider repulsive.

It is just completely mind-boggling that it is legal for teachers to inflict corporal punishments in many civilised countries, yet to simply restrain your own child during a tantrum draws the disapproval of so-called child experts.

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