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As if Naming Your Son ‘Adolph Hitler’ Isn’t Bad Enough

June 5, 2013



I’ll go out on a limb and suggest this man isn’t in the running for “Father of the Year”:

A white supremacist appeared at court on Monday dressed in full Nazi uniform as he tried to convince a judge that he was a good father – despite having named one of his children Adolf.

Heath Campbell, who had four children, asked the judge to be allowed to see his 18-month-old son Hons.

The self-proclaimed Nazi, from New Jersey, has given three of his children Nazi-inspired names but claims he is fit to be a father and has never abused them.

Campbell, a swastika tattoo clearly showing on his neck, told NBC10: ‘I’m going to tell the judge, I love my children. I wanna be a father, let me be it.

‘Let me prove to the world that I am a good father.’

He said that he had never abused his children and had only named them. He has not seen his children in two years and the eldest three have been adopted.

The 40-year-old white supremacist appeared at a hearing in Hunterdon County Family Court in Flemington, NJ this morning. His regalia included knee-high black boots and swastika patches.

He told the TV station that whether wearing his Nazi uniform might sway the judge’s decision, depended on the judge.

Bethanie White, a member of his organization ‘Hitler’s Order’, was with Campbell at court – also covered in swastikas.

Adolf Hitler Campbell, six, and his younger sisters Joycelynn Aryan Nation, five, and Honszlynn Hinler, four, were taken into custody in January 2009.

State officials also took another son, Hons Campbell, from his parents Heath and Deborah Campbell just hours after he was born in November 2011.

A court denied the Campbells’ appeal to have their children returned last year.


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Meet the Parents Who Named Their Kids “Adolph Hitler” and “Aryan Nation”

October 27, 2011

How sick and utterly selfish do you have to be to name your beautiful children “Adolph Hitler” and “Aryan Nation”?  What an absolute disgrace!  These parents can’t understand why their children were taken away from them.  It’s  a shame that they haven’t as yet worked out that by naming their children after despicable tyrants and murderous regimes they are in fact scarring their children for life.

Is this not a clear case of child abuse?

A COUPLE who named one of their children after Adolf Hitler should not regain custody of their three children, an appeals court has ruled.

Heath and Deborah Campbell’s three small children were removed from their home in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, by the state in January 2009, reported.

The family drew world-wide attention after a store refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son, Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Adolf and siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie have been in foster care since then.

The appeals court ruled last week that sufficient evidence of abuse or neglect existed because of domestic violence in the home. The court sent the case back to family court for further reconsideration.

A gag order remains in place and the parties refused to discuss the decision.

In January 2009, the Campbells told that Adolf Hitler Campbell was just like any other three-year-old boy.

“It’s not like he’s growing up to be a killer or nothing like that,” said mother Deborah Campbell.

How dare they do this to their beautiful children!  Sure, it is claimed that the children have been taken out of their parents’ custody because of domestic abuse and not because of their names, but what if there was no other reasons?  Should the names be enough to warrant a claim of child abuse.

If these people want to continue rearing their precious children they better smarten their act.  This includes thinking of more appropriate names for their kids … quick smart!

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