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Biology Teachers Should Never Resort to Rabbit Torture in Class

November 16, 2014



I’m sorry, but if my science teacher did this I wouldn’t have respected a thing he said or did after that:


An Idaho biology teacher is facing possible disciplinary action after killing and skinning a rabbit in class to show students where their food comes from.

Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall says the teacher killed the rabbit in front of 16 students by snapping its neck on Nov. 6 at Columbia High School.

The rabbit was then skinned and cut up in front of the 10th graders.

Westfall says the demonstration isn’t part of the biology curriculum.

She says students who didn’t want to view the lesson were allowed to leave ahead of time.

The teacher’s name hasn’t been released.


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What Principal Would Ever Approve of this Kind of Bullying?

November 16, 2012

What happened to the all-inclusive school that caters for all personality types and individual learning needs?

Some Declo, Idaho parents are furious over what they call principal-approved teacher bullying.

Summer Larsen’s students at Declo Elementary School needed to meet a reading goal of 10 points, KMVT reports. Those who failed to attain that goal could choose one of two punishments: have their faces drawn on by fellow classmates or miss recess.

Nearly half the class underperformed. Three chose to skip recess, while six opted to have their faces drawn on by peers — artistic choices included names, mustaches and goatees.

One parent tells KMVT that the teacher’s decision teaches students that bullying is OK.

“Not only was my son punished with bullying but the other students were rewarded [for] bullying,” the parent said. “If you ask any 10-year-old or fourth grade student, ‘I get my face colored on or I don’t get to go to recess,’ they’re going to pick get my face colored on, they did not understand what was going to happen to them later.”

The school principal knew about the drawings, KBOI reports. And while superintendent  says the students had a say in the decision, parents’ concerns are being taken “seriously” and an investigation is underway.

This incident may seem light-hearted to some, but don’t get sucked in by it. What this does it tell students who already feel stupid that they should be made to look stupid too. These kids are not stupid at all. No student should be judged by the way they read, speak or add. They should be judged by their character and attitude. Give me a child that tries and is respectful over one that read fluently but treats others poorly any day.

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