We Are Too Soft on Teachers Who Have Sex With Their Students



Every day there are new reports of teachers caught engaging in sexual affairs with their students. And these are only the ones the have been caught!

I want a message sent loud and clear to the teaching fraternity that this kind of behaviour is extremely serious and wont be tolerated. I want mandatory minimum sentences for teachers that are found to be engaging in sexual relationships with their students. Even if they are consensual and even if they are no longer considered a minor. It is abhorrent and should be dealt with accordingly.

But it was love!

It was consensual!

It was just an innocent fling!

No excuses! Teachers have a responsibility to act with dignity and common sense.


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One Response to “We Are Too Soft on Teachers Who Have Sex With Their Students”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    Teachers should be friendly towards students as appropriate but forming intimate relationships is taboo. Teachers need to exercise and maintain a professional relationship and keep an emotional distance from their students without being cold and clinical. For some people this is a difficult, but necessary task. Maybe for some a cold and clinical stance is the only way they can manage it.

    One of my high school teachers was only a few years older than us when we were in senior high school. He eventually married one of his students but I’m not aware of anything improper having occurred.

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