The School Camp Two Teachers Will Never Forget


These type of episodes neither come about by bad luck or poor judgement, they are a clear sign that those involved have decided they no longer want to be teachers:


A school trip was abandoned when two teachers drank 16 pints and six bottles of wine between them.

The teachers passed out during the visit to Germany.

The two male teachers downed eight pints of beer three bottles of wine and several glasses of brandy….EACH.           

The following morning one couldn’t wake up and the other wandered around in a daze, unable to speak and with a large cut to his head, the result of falling over during his boozy session.

The teacher from a secondary school in Bramsche near Hanover had taken their students to Hamburg last week.

The director of a youth hostel where they were staying contacted the police when he was “unable to get any sense” out of the teachers.

“Usually it is students who get sent home because of drinking but this time it was the teachers,” said a police spokesman.

The children were loaded on board a minibus the day after the start of their planned week-long break and sent home. The two teachers have been suspended pending an enquiry.


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