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Imagine if Teachers Were Caned for Their Own Incompetence

July 29, 2012

I am vehemently against corporal punishment in all cases. Teachers should never have the right to enforce physical punishment on their students.

But to the those that do, I wonder, how would they feel if their superiors were legally allowed to inflict corporal punishment for their own incompetence?

How would they feel if they were caned for failing to complete their planners on time?

How would they feel if they were caned for overlooking bullying issues in their classroom?

How would they feel if they were caned for failing to cover the curriculum?

Children, for all their weaknesses, are no different to adults. We all make mistakes and we all have our lapses in judgements. Caning a student for not reading aloud is tantamount to a teacher being caned for not responding to a parent email:

A seven-year-old girl student of a private school here was hospitalised after being beaten by her class teacher for not reading her English lesson aloud in class.

The girl’s mother got to know of the incident from the school bus driver when he called her to take her daughter from the vehicle, police said.

The child then told her mother that the teacher had beaten her with a ruler because she did not read aloud in class.

The girl was admitted to a hospital last evening. Police have registered a case against the woman teacher on a complaint from the girl’s father.

He alleged that the principal had not taken any action against the teacher despite parents bringing the incident to her notice and instead asked them to give a written complaint.

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Shame on Schools that Still use the Cane

June 25, 2012

Corporal punishment should be outlawed for good. The fact that it still occurs is unacceptable.

The cane may have disappeared from West Australian public and Catholic schools in 1986 but it has not disappeared completely from the state’s schools.

According to Minister for Education Liz Constable, two independent schools in WA still use the cane.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education Services said the School Education Act prohibited the use of corporal punishment in public schools – but confirmed the cane was used in some non-government schools.

The spokeswoman said the government regulated the use of canes through the process of school registration.

Mrs Constable said although she did not believe physical punishment was an effective method for controlling student behaviour and did not support its use, parents were able to make their own choice.

“It is a matter of parental choice to send their children to study at schools that include this type of punishment in their discipline policy,” she said.

“The strategies we are implementing now in public schools focus more on positive reinforcement, especially around attendance issues.”

The push to ban corporal punishment has less to do with the rights of parents and more to do with the rights of children.

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