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How My Teachers Taught Me To Catch

August 10, 2012

My teachers loved throwing blackboard dusters at students who weren’t concentrating. As a professional daydreamer, I was frequently met by a stray duster. I always wondered whether duster throwing was a compulsory unit in teacher training courses.

It seems like my teachers weren’t the only ones plying their duster throwing trade:

A HIGH school teacher has been banned for dishing out more than seven years of abuse to students – including swearing at them, calling them names and throwing a chalkboard duster.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal recently ordered the suspension of David Geoffrey Mears’ teacher’s registration, saying his teaching “fell well below the standard of behaviour generally expected”.

QCAT presiding member Paul Kanowski, in a just-published nine page decision, said Mears offensive behaviour toward students occurred between July 2003 and March 31 last year.

Mears, who has been banned for 15 months, first slapped a Year 8 student on the head in March 2003 and continued to either swear at or make “physical contact” with pupils up until he “threw a duster in the direction of a male Year 10 student last year.”

“Mr Mears has sworn at students on a number of occasions,” Mr Kanowski said.

“He also made physical contact, such as pushing students without a valid educational purpose.”

The tribunal was told Mears swore at numerous students, telling them to “piss off,” “(expletive) off,” calling them everything from an “(expletive) idiot” and dickheads and threatening them that “if anyone (expletive) up their job, they will get a kick up the arse.”

Mr Kanowski cited 11 instances in which Mears swore or made physical contact with one or more students during his 11-year career.

“On 10 May 2010, Mr Mears swore in a Year 9 class … (and) said to a female student: Get your a*** over here,” he said.

“On a date … (in) February 2011, Mr Mears called a male Year 10 student a (expletive) idiot … and told the student to (expletive) listen and pushed him into a whiteboard.

“On or about 22 February 20001 Mr Mears … said to one male student: You need a kick up the arse. You’re a dickhead and you (expletive) up, didn’t you?”

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Why are so Many Teachers Child Predators?

July 8, 2012

It’s a disgrace that so many predators are registered teachers. Every day at least one pedophile teacher is uncovered.

Take this latest allegation for example:

A HIGH school teacher allegedly obtained naked and semi-naked pictures of two 14-year-old girl students at his school after posing as a teenage boy on a fake Facebook profile.

It is understood police will allege the country teacher pretended to be a schoolboy of a similar age from another regional town in a ploy to prey on the girls.

The students are believed to have sent him naked and semi-naked photos of themselves via the social networking site.

The teacher, who has been sacked and cannot be named for legal reasons, faced court this week on two counts of involving a child in child exploitation.

Until now, The Sunday Times has been prevented from publishing any details of the case.

After successfully challenging the terms of the original suppression order on the case, The Sunday Times is now permitted to reveal certain aspects of the allegations, which have prompted a warning from cyber safety experts for parents to educate their children about the importance of safety settings on Facebook for the coming school holidays, which started yesterday.

This is why I am a strong proponent of the no contact rule in schools. Whilst the vast majority of teachers are good citizens, there are still too many sick, evil predators still to be exposed.

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Teacher and Four Students Arrested in Alleged Hazing Case

June 25, 2012

More horrible news that will taint our wonderful profession:

A Southern California high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of directing students to assault another student in a classroom hazing incident.

Fontana police said Sunday that 27-year-old Emmanuel De La Rosa, along with four other students, were arrested on Saturday.

Police alleged that De La Rosa facilitated some students to carry out the hazing to curb behavioral problems in the classroom at AB Miller High School. Police declined to describe the nature of the hazing, citing the ongoing investigation. At least one student suffered minor injuries.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports ( that an 18-year-old student arrested in the case faces charges of assault, child cruelty and attempted sodomy.

De La Rosa was booked for investigation of child endangerment.

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