Teachers Who Have Sex with Students Must be Imprisoned


Losing your license is not an appropriate consequence for engaging in sexual activity with your students. It certainly doesn’t deter other teachers from doing the same:

Kristle Vandever, a former English as a second language teacher in Oregon, has lost her teaching license for engaging in sexual activity with “one or more students” and providing underage students with alcohol. But now, some are wondering why she’s not in jail.

A report out by the state of Oregon reveals that the 44-year-old educator at McNary Heights Elementary violated five major codes for teachers during her career. She resigned in May 2010 amid a district investigation, though her license wasn’t officially revoked until last month, the Hermiston Herald reports.

Immediately following her resignation, Vandever reportedly sent a boasting email from her school account.

“No jail for me and that is only because of luck … no witnesses coming forward,” the message reads. “He said he was of legal age, but he lied. I just can’t help wanting these hot young boys … and they want me. Who am I to spoil a young man’s fantasy. Damn.”

Her arrogance says it all. This is deplorable behaviour. It must be punished by a lengthy jail sentence.

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