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I am a Teacher and a Hypocrite

November 7, 2019


I have been reading my unpublished novel to my classes for the last 18 years. First as an unfinished manuscript, and later as a finished story.

I would always get the same question from my students – “When are you going to publish?”

I always dismissed the question. I told them that my chances of getting published were slim because first-time writers without a literary agent hardly ever get accepted by publishers.

In other words, I was making excuses.

Deep down I knew the real reason was fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of having your blood, sweat and tears in the public domain.

But earlier this year I had a reawakening. What a hypocrite am I! Here I am, day in and day out, lecturing the students about trying their best and following their dreams and I refuse to abide by my own tenets.

So I decided to get my book published. The best thing I have ever done!

In two weeks time, I will be in a position to officially share my hard work of almost two decades.

Finally, I can look at my students in the eye and tell them to overcome their fears without feeling like a hypocrite and a fraud.


Update: Michael Grossman is the author of the hilarious new children’s book, My Favourite Comedian. You can download a free ebook copy by clicking here or buy a copy by clicking on this link.

My Novel: 18 Years in the Making

November 6, 2019


After 18 painstaking years of drafts and edits, the launch of my young adult book, My Favourite Comedian, is only two weeks away!

This book is a labour of love for me, geared for my wonderful students, as I try to show them the immense power of good literature.

It is through them and their ongoing championing of the book that I have bitten the bullet and sought publication. They are the main reason I have made this available to the wider public.

Thank you for all the subscribers and visitors to this blog. I appreciate your patience during my hiatus. It’s good to be back.

I will be contributing regularly as I provide updates about my book as well as making commentary on all things education.

Stay tuned!

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