I am a Teacher and a Hypocrite


I have been reading my unpublished novel to my classes for the last 18 years. First as an unfinished manuscript, and later as a finished story.

I would always get the same question from my students – “When are you going to publish?”

I always dismissed the question. I told them that my chances of getting published were slim because first-time writers without a literary agent hardly ever get accepted by publishers.

In other words, I was making excuses.

Deep down I knew the real reason was fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of having your blood, sweat and tears in the public domain.

But earlier this year I had a reawakening. What a hypocrite am I! Here I am, day in and day out, lecturing the students about trying their best and following their dreams and I refuse to abide by my own tenets.

So I decided to get my book published. The best thing I have ever done!

In two weeks time, I will be in a position to officially share my hard work of almost two decades.

Finally, I can look at my students in the eye and tell them to overcome their fears without feeling like a hypocrite and a fraud.


Update: Michael Grossman is the author of the hilarious new children’s book, My Favourite Comedian. You can download a free ebook copy by clicking here or buy a copy by clicking on this link.


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