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A Father’s Priceless Reaction to his Son’s Report Card (Video)

October 22, 2013



Is there anything more powerful than a proud parent? Watch how much this positive math result means to this father.


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This is What You Get for Doing Your Homework

August 17, 2012

An after-school program offered its students the opportunity to make a rap-session for those who completed their homework. The result is a rap video that has gone viral:

Both the song and video were produced as part of the Beats And Rhymes after-school program at the North Community YMCA in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Kids who participate in the program are rewarded with a chance to flex their rap skills on camera if they keep up with their schoolwork.

“Each student has to complete their homework in order to participate in the after-school rap session, which encourages self-expression, hard work and dedication, all while fostering talent in these young kids,” writes Erik Thompson of local news outlet City Pages. “Qualities which will clearly be beneficial to them as they make their way through life.”

Professional beat producers and videographers helped the kids craft their final product, but the creative drive behind Hot Cheetos & Takis is 100 per cent ‘Y.N. RichKids crew.’

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