A New Way to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth



OK, perhaps this wont catch on:

These unique photos capture the moment a boy has his teeth picked clean by amazing underwater shrimp.

These fascinating creatures spend their lives diving inside the mouths of fish to remove the parasites that lurk there.

Russell Laman imitated the behaviour of the surrounding fish swarm to entice the cleaner shrimp into his mouth whilst snorkelling with his father Tim Laman in Bali, Indonesia.

The 13-year-old queued with the waiting fish and then opened his mouth when the shrimps came near.

The shrimp then incredibly started to clean Russell’s mouth and remove food from between the boys teeth whilst Tim took photographs.

Russell Laman, from Lexington, Massachusetts, said: ‘It felt like tiny little dentists picking away at my teeth and scuttling around my mouth, it tickled a little but not too badly.

‘I had watched fish getting cleaned at cleaning stations before and decided to try it out myself.

‘I thought it would be really cool to experience shrimp in my mouth first hand.

Russell who has been diving with his father for seven years is unfazed by the dangers of holding his mouth open underwater.

He learnt how to get the shrimp out of his mouth when he needs to breathe, by imitating the behaviour of the fish.

Russell said: ‘I observed that the shrimp are always keeping an eye on the mouth of the fish and as soon as it starts to close they shoot out.




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